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Tr3y – Eargasm (Album Review)

by Miracle
Eargasm (Stream / Purchase)

In his efforts to prove that the R&B genre still has some life in it, Milwaukee’s own Tr3y recently dropped his debut album under his new moniker. It’s coined Eargasm and it features seven noteworthy new tracks. Continue reading to discover if Eargasm truly has what it takes to keep R&B holding on for a little while longer.


This is the title track of the LP. The production here is clean. The grounded foundation, enticing musical details, dreamy tempo, and seductive vibe are finely paired. The hook is straight to the point. The vocal delivery is passionate and the lyrics are of a respectable quality. The extended verse is a winner. Tr3y blesses the mic with silky harmonies and descriptive lyrics. He gives the listener a great auditory breakdown of the meaning behind the project’s inventive title. He croons: “Whatever your vice is, I’m a be that. Put me in your ear. Make sure you turn it up. You’ll think that I’m right there touching on your body. You will never get enough.” One can not deny the fact that those lines right there definitely make you feel some kind of way, my ladies especially. Overall, this number is definitely a whole mood.

“T-Shirt N Panties”

The title for this one may put listeners in the mind of the classic tune of the same name by Jamie Foxx and Adina Howard. And it definitely teases that same mature adults only groove. The production here is valid. The uniform base, suave supporting elements, laid back rhythm, and charismatic vibe make for a favorable match up. The hook is short & simple. The vocal delivery is flawless and the lyrics are precise. The prolonged verse is fresh. Tr3y serves up choice melodies with forward lyrics. There is nothing like a tipsy exchange with a former flame. A snippet from his late night escapade includes: “Sipping on the brown. A n—a just faded. So I hit you up. Haven’t heard from you lately. It’s been a while. It’s been a while. Let me pull up. And take you down. You say you got a man. He in the next room. But you and I know he can’t do what I do.” Sounds like a one way ticket to trouble for sure (lol). But on a serious note, this track is a hit. Definitely does justice to it’s old school namesake.


This is the final record on the album. The production here is golden. The spirited infrastructure, light musical ingredients, upbeat pace, and feel good vibe are extremely likable. The hook is official. The vocal delivery is top notch and the lyrics are catchy. The verses are endearing. Tr3y comes thru with refreshing vocals and genuine lyrics. He’s found a new love and is not afraid to tell the world all about it. He shares: “Last person I think about when I go to sleep. First person I think about when I wake up. When I open my eyes all I wanna see, is you looking at me with no make up. You’re so fine. You don’t even try. I think I’m in love. I can’t even lie.” What a sweet way to let a woman know that she’s got you on the hook. As a whole, this is a really enjoyable end to the collective and it definitely ranks as a site favorite.

**My Two Cents: Eargasm is definitely a saving grace for the R&B world. The production is fitting. The content is familiar. And Tr3y shows up every time on the vocal front. My only critique is that the overall tone of the project could have been a little bit more versatile. I dig the slow & sexy vibe as much as the next R&B lover. But a club / party groove every once in a while is ideal as well. Otherwise, nothing bad to say about this one. Tr3y did his thing. So if you haven’t treated your ears yet, click that link at the start of the post and get into it. -MinM

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