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Loki Love – Lost (EP Review)

by Miracle

Lost (Apple Music)

Site affiliate Loki Love (Sony / Def Jam) dropped a new EP this month. He reached out to The Illixer to see if we could dust off the old keyboard and give the short project a whirl. The EP is dubbed Lost and includes the familiar gem “F–k Prime.” It also includes a guest appearance from everyone’s favorite rapper turned camera man, FamousMF. Continue reading to see what other songs happen to catch our ear.

“Take One”

This is the very first track on the brief album. The production here is captivating. The low set foundation, dream like supporting elements, mellow tempo, and easy going vibe make for an extremely attractive combination. There is no hook to be found here. It serves as more of a warm up style selection. It runs at just about a minute and a half with a moderate pacing. The extended verse is fly. Loki Love comes thru with a casual flow, inventive wordplay, and transparent rhymes. He drops some gems that will definitely have the listener running lines back. For example he spits: “They say money talks. But they be saying a lot of nothing. Work hard to get it. But when you get it, it’s not enough. See I wasted a bar. Like I’m taking a shot of something. Let’s get to the bottom. These n—as hate it but gotta love it. And that’s when you tell ’em, only God can judge us.” The context of those lines is such that a lot of people will be able to connect with them. All in all, this is a great way to kick off the EP.

“Understand” F/ FamousMF

This track marks the second half of the EP. The production here is top notch. The deep bass, subtle musical ingredients, creeping rhythm, and haunting vibe work flawlessly together. The hook is mint as well. The delivery is unique and the lyrics are memorable. The verses are of a grade A quality. Famous and Loki come with businesslike flows, fresh wordplay, and magnetic rhymes. The fellas hold no punches and impressively personify the darkness established by the instrumental. Peep as FamousMF goes in: “This diesel I’m lighting. Bad meeting evil. My peoples united. Smoke while I drink while I feed your desires. Too many fake prophets. Believing you liars. I just embrace all the evil inside us.” One can not deny the rawness of those bars right there. Overall, this song is a brilliant collab and a site favorite for sure.

**My Two Cents: These are the two songs that stood out to the site the most but Lost is definitely a respectable showing from Loki Love as a whole. The six tracks are well produced. The content shows off the emcee’s unique persona along with his sharpened pen game. And this is not even the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Word is that Loki Love is just getting started with releases for the Summer. He has about three possible projects that he’s waiting to unleash on his followers that he has been working tirelessly to perfect. I can’t wait to hear them. Be sure to hit Loki with a like so that you don’t miss out on the upcoming jewels. Then go ahead and give Lost a spin while you wait. -MinM

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