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Token – T.O.K.E.N. Tuesday #5 [N] (Video)

by Miracle

unnamed(Photo By Producers United)

The site’s pals over at Producers United shared another artist that readers may want to check out. He goes by the name of Token and is in his early teens. He represents Salem, Massachusetts and was raised around music. Growing up, he utilized the medium for everything from a form of entertainment to a way to cope. Eventually, he went on to make the common migration from writing poetry to writing rhymes. He started releasing his music online and the rest is pretty much history. Token works tirelessly to improve and perfect his craft while at the same time honing in on additional skills such as mixing & mastering, video editing, etc. It is his hope that all of his dedication and hard work will ultimately lead him straight to the top.

Earlier this year, Token and his team Glasshouse Productions engaged in a series titled Token Tuesday. They released a video every other Tuesday that represented a letter in his stage moniker. The series was filmed by Dayo D’Alelio and edited by Token himself. The Illixer was privy to the final entry of the series. It was shared as it is said to be the most personal and thoughtful video of the collective. The production for the track is satisfactory. The somber musical components, nonchalant tempo, and meditative vibe fit together nicely. The content is presented in an extended verse format. Said verse is pretty solid. Token enlists a passionate flow, versatile wordplay, and sufficient rhymes. He touches on a wide range of themes including: his past, religion, the current state of Hip-Hop, his goals & ambitions, etc. There is certainly no shortage of material for the listener to ponder over. All in all, it is a commendable effort.

The video opens with Token sitting around outside with one of his fellow artists. It’s obvious he’s a little distracted. The two share a brief exchange before Token takes off on his own. From there, the camera just more or less follows the young talent as he treks through various terrains. He spends some time in the woods, walks down a long deserted road, and hangs out at a pier overlooking boats scattered throughout a body of water. Additionally, clips from the previous Token Tuesday flicks can be seen in between the shots of Token’s journey. The visuals conclude with a fading black & white shot, end credits, and promo for the emcee’s upcoming project The Mindstate. Overall, this was an absorbing viewing.

**My Two Cents: I really enjoyed this song/video. Token spits with a lot of conviction and ornateness. Which is really admirable considering his age. On top of that, he was very vulnerable and forthcoming with his lyrics. That always makes for the best music. It lends a sense of authenticity to the artist. The video was nice too. It was simple, clean, and flowed well. It is highly recommended that readers give it a glance. And while your at it be sure to catch Token on the web via: Twitter, Sound Cloud, Instagram, and YouTube. -MinM

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