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Mr. Fritz & Casso – “Never Enough”

by Miracle

Mr Fritz Casso Never Enough(Photo By Pipedream Music Group)

“Never Enough” (listen/download)

Mr. Fritz had such a successful debut on the site that his Pipedream Music Group camp sent over a new single. It’s titled “Never Enough” and features fellow rapper Casso. It serves as a promotional item but is also being considered for placement as a potential bonus track on the upcoming mixtape The Glory. The song was produced by Latrell James. He did a worthwhile job. The low key foundation, sobering musical elements, deliberate pace, and weighted vibe blend agreeably together. The hook is choice too. The delivery is all business and the lyrics are ambitious. The verses are genuine. Casso takes on the first verse and Mr. Fritz chimes in on the second. Each artist contributes a distinguishable flow, effective wordplay, and street style rhymes with a hint of hope in them. They take the listener through their struggles while at the same time expressing their determination to rise above them. Observe as Mr. Fritz spits: “Cause it’s either trapping or ball. Prison sentence or fall. And none of these corporate motherf—as wanna see me rise. And n—as that I grew up with would rather see me die. I’m soul deprived but in this booth I’m alive. (…) Trap or die gets transformed to rap or die, real s–t. I’m a get it and I be that n—a you can’t deal with.” Those are some heavy bars right there that a lot of people in the hood are sure to find relatable. All in all, this is a top notch effort.

**My Two Cents: I enjoyed this track a lot. It showed off a very different side of Mr. Fritz from his previous submission and I’m all about artists being flexible. Casso made a positive impression as well. And the production is deserving of two thumbs up. It fit the theme of the track as well as the artists to the letter. Finally, as someone who has grown up in a rough neighborhood I can empathize with the intent behind the record too. It’s just a success all around. Much thanks to Lindsey Gamble for sending it over. The Glory is dropping sometime in 2014, so be on the lookout. -MinM

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