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KC – I’m Not A Rapper, I’m A Artist (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

KC_Im_Not_A_Rapper_Im_A_Artist-front-large(Photo By Dat Piff)

I’m Not A Rapper, I’m A Artist (listen/download)

Occasionally social media can be good for something besides petty drama and the over-sharing of one’s personal problems. It can lead to discovering new artists for example. That’s exactly how the site came across Milwaukee talent KC. He spent some time networking with Illixer affiliate Rockz Solid and eventually reached out to share his music. His debut mixtape is entitled I’m Not A Rapper, I’m A Artist and it consists of a total of 19 tracks with a minimal number of guest appearances. Get the rundown on the tape after the break.

“Hip-Hop Is Back”

The production here is quality. The hushed foundation, light instrumentation, mid-tempo rhythm, and serene vibe make for an ear pleasing mixture. There is no actual hook present. Instead there are clips of old school Hip-Hop tracks played amidst DJ scratching. The verses are creditable. KC employs a patented flow, well rounded wordplay, and authentic rhymes. He conveys a message that exemplifies his passion for the culture that he represents as well as provides a nice introduction to who he is as an artist. A few noteworthy lines include: “They try but they can’t stick him. Found a crew ran with him. Now that boy bad business. But now while we on the topic. You probably thinking profit. Nah, he still hustle like ain’t a dime in his pocket. But not the kind that you think. Man, his hustle ain’t in the streets. He spitting crack on that mic. (…) So I’d listen. That kid’s deep. Won’t charge you a small fee. Just throw you a couple tracks. And then ask you ’bout how you think.” Dope way to kick things off right there. Overall, this song is a gem.


The production here is good. The grounded bass, subtle musical components, slower gait, and pensive vibe fit together charmingly. The hook is solid. The delivery is straightforward and the lyrics are scarce yet deep. The verses are perceptive. KC brings a reserved flow, adept wordplay, and stimulating rhymes. He discusses the significance of the green paper that makes the world go round and all of the struggles that are present in the world today because of it. He spits: “That’s what you tell me. But how could you lie? When money be the reason that so many people die. Man money run the streets. Without it, we’re not complete. (…) So how is it obsolete? Ask me what I need the cash for? Money don’t exist? Well n—a tell that to my landlord. Tell that to them little n—as out that ain’t got nothing. And if they don’t bring back something then them n—as going hungry. So it’s all about that money n—a you can’t change that.” Doesn’t get any more real than those bars. All in all, this is a hit offering and site favorite.

“Gotta Make It”

The production here is hot. The refined infrastructure, groovy musical ingredients, trendy pace, and down to earth vibe align finely. Once again, this record was done sans hook. Instead, the title is just simply incorporated into the end of each verse followed by a small break. This was a fitting approach. The verses are legit. KC serves up a charismatic flow, thorough wordplay, and favorable rhymes. He makes it crystal clear that he is in this game to win at all costs. A handful of lines worth observing are: “If our work ethics ain’t equal then me and you just can’t relate. Cause this is far from spending cake. Work too hard for being fake. Up on this road to the top. Best believe this car don’t need no brakes. And I be spitting. So with these rappers ain’t no compromising. My city got real talent. Y’all too dumb to recognize it. We glorify these cats that make one track and then they vanish. So when we go hard and give them bars sound like we speaking Spanish.” KC snapped in those bars right there. In the end, this is another winning effort.

**My Two Cents: I’m Not A Rapper, I’m A Artist is a becoming first project. The production was neat and well placed. The content was of an optimum nature. KC definitely has all of the essentials needed to develop into a real force in the Hip-Hop game. I think readers will agree and should hit up Dat Piff to listen to the tape in it’s entirety.  For more with the budding talent readers can catch him on Facebook. -MinM

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