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Token – “FreeVerse Fridays #60”

by Miracle

u6tluJr(Photo By Producers United)

At the end of last year, readers were introduced to teen rapping sensation Token (Glasshouse Productions) from Boston. Since that time he’s been dropping a steady stream of music, videos, etc. The latest of which is “FreeVerse Fridays #60.” The offering is part of series done by Lethal People One Day. It is set to the tune of the largely borrowed “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” originally done by the late great Nina Simone.

It is a popular utilized tune in the Hip-Hop community and has been sampled by artists such as Common and Lil Wayne. The submerged foundation, mellow background elements, loitering tempo, and heavy vibe make for a timeless sound. The sorrowful yet soulful vocals from the hook are the highlight of the sample. It’s not hard to understand at all why so many artists are drawn to it. Token himself was not only attracted to the classic essence of the record but it spoke to him at a time where he was feeling pretty down. So he grabbed a pen and spilled his guts so to speak. The result is a honest heartfelt freestyle that spans just over two minutes. Token embodies a candid flow, authentic wordplay, and refined rhymes. He relays some tough sentiments that any listener would be able to empathize with. A handful of lines worth highlighting are: “Look how am I gone go global if I’m afraid of being social? I don’t live life past these vocals. (…) But half the time I don’t know who I am in reality. I don’t live enough to learn myself. I knew myself better seven years ago when contemplating to hurt myself. So is this rap s–t worth my health? Doesn’t matter. I couldn’t stop if I tried.” Those are some engaging introspective bars right there. Overall, this is a dope effort.

**My Two Cents: So fellow blogger & music business personality Shawn Patel (Producers United) brought this to my attention because he thought it was deserving of some shine. And I am very glad he did. I couldn’t agree more. Token carried himself well amidst the sample. His lyrics were on point and once again he came with a lot of substance in his material. His execution on this cut reminds of Eminem in his younger days. I thoroughly dug it and I know that readers will too. So go ahead and check it out! -MinM

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