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International Maverick – “California Dreams” (Video)

by Miracle

unnamed(Photo By Underground Hip-Hop Blog)

International Maverick aka IMAV is an up-and-coming artist/producer out of Chicago, IL. He’s been rapping since his teen years and was largely influenced by the likes of Nas. A few years back he pushed his career into high gear by starting his own production company called Dreem Katcher Music. Shortly thereafter he released his debut mixtape and he’s been widely receiving recognition ever since. He’s not only known for being a hot artist but for being a great live performer as well. He’s said to exude a lot of diversity and eagerness. He’s made believers in the Mid-West region and has recently started to gain a following on the West Coast too. His ultimate goal like all artists is to reach that top tier level of success. Currently, he is on a promo run in Los Angeles for his sophomore project Dreem Katcher. He’s been at it for five months and decided to drop an unreleased track & video to commemorate the venture.

The song is titled “California Dreams” and it was produced by International Maverick himself. The production is good. It’s a bass driven number with musical ingredients of a fluctuating energy, an equally alternating tempo, and an attractive vibe. The hook is customary. The delivery is executed in an interesting fashion. The lyrics are to the point. The verses are premium. International Maverick dishes out an enterprising flow, proficient wordplay, and estimable rhymes. He speaks at length about what it’s been like chasing his dreams thus far and his hopes for the future. As a whole, it’s a noteworthy selection.

The video was done by Work Nowitzki. It begins with Maverick waking up and getting his day started. He throws on a robe, has breakfast, and then heads outside. He spends some leisure time in front of his home while vibing out with his headphones on. The next scene shows Maverick out and about with a graffiti covered wall as his backdrop. There are also performance clips that come into play. These setups continue in variation throughout the remainder of the flick. The visuals end with a close up of Maverick enjoying the view from atop his residence and a bit of promo for the mixtape. Overall, it was a charming piece.

**My Two Cents: International Maverick is a quality artist/producer. I like what he had to offer. The beat was a little different but it worked. The content was solid. He has a strong flow and his bars are respectable. His success in the game is certainly warranted. Looking forward to hearing as well as seeing more of IMAV in the future. -MinM

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