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Toine’ Hicks – “Am I Trippin?”

by Miracle

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“Am I Trippin?” (preview)

The last time the site heard from Milwaukee based rapper Toine’ Hicks, it was back in October of 2012. Last month he reached out with a brand new single. It’s entitled “Am I Trippin?” and was produced by Tuan G. The song opens with a warning of sorts from Toine’ himself as it pertains to the content of the song. From there, the track kicks into full gear. The production here is official. It consists of: a low key foundation, tense musical components, a savvy rhythm, and a resolute vibe. The hook is valid too. The delivery is entrancing. The lyrics are clear-cut and likeable. The verses are illuminating. Toine’ exhibits a stylish flow, apt wordplay, and exceptional rhymes. He candidly speaks his mind about the ills/problems that taint the world today. Some lines worth observing are: “I don’t know but the world gone crazy. N—as turned to b–ches. And b–ches done got lazy. N—as a front. Talking like they be having paper. N—a you lying. Economy is not in favor. N—a we been jumping off fiscal cliffs. N—a we been holding the pistol grip. N—a we been running like rats for the cheese. Get snapped by the trap. Dope boys, no vees.” Those are some stimulating bars that make some striking yet real points. The song ends as it began, with a word or two from Toine’. This time around he is calling upon those listening to step up and make some changes in order to help things get better. Overall, this is a winning offering.

**My Two Cents: This was a great record. It provided that flair lyrically that I said was missing in previous tracks from Toine’. So it is always a wonderful thing to hear an artist improving and stepping their game up. Also, I love the meaning of the song too. Especially, after the events of this past weekend. The sentiment about the decline of the world we live in is one that I think we can all relate to. So no Toine’, you’re not tripping. You got this one just right. Readers need to click that link and listen up. -MinM

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