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Maryann – “Nothing You Could Say” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

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“Nothing You Could Say” (preview)

Maryann (The N-Crowd Entertainment) is a singer/songwriter from California. She draws inspiration from the 90’s era of R&B. However, she prides herself on putting on her own unique twist on the classification of music. She takes the genres of: R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, Pop, and Electronic; and tries to find different ways to fuse them into one of a kind sounds. Her purpose in doing this is to not only stand out from the pack but to also appeal to a mass range of listeners. Her talents and inventive approach have not only served in boosting her own career but she has done some work with other artists as well. One of the most notable being Talib Kweli. To help her take her concept to the next level, Maryann teamed up with producer N8 The Gr8. Together the two have dropped a full length album, Timing Is Everything, and are currently working on the follow up project, Futuristic Always. By the time it is all said and done, Maryann hopes to leave her mark on the music world as a trendsetter.

Not too long ago, N8 The GR8 sent the site one of his and Maryann’s latest songs/videos. The single is titled “Nothing You Could Say.” It is a grimy R&B mixed with Hip-Hop style account of Maryann’s sentiments towards the industry and her feelings she’s acquired from going through various experiences. The production is hot. The low Dub-Step base, gritty secondary elements, and street vibe make for a first-rate combination. The hook is tangible. The vocals are distinct and the lyrics have a determined tone to them. The verses are solid. Maryann alternates between using unconventional harmonies and a casual flow. Both are of a respectable quality. The content is moderate. Maryann does a good job of getting her point across as it relates to the earlier mentioned topics but the wording could have been just a tad sharper and packed more of a bite. Overall, it’s a decent record.

As stated before, Maryann and N8 The Gr8 also released a set of visuals for the song. N8 directed the video and the pair worked together for the editing process. The concept of the flick features Maryann in a couple of different scenarios. The opening scene for example, involves a girl fight with the potential to become a viral sensation. Another scene, shows Maryann hanging out atop a wall as a graffiti art piece is being created. Yet another look displays Maryann chilling in a chair that is placed in a totally deserted area. The piece is accented by Maryann’s eccentric clothing style and mannerisms. There are some subtle special effects at work too. All in all, this was a diverting watch.

**My Two Cents: I like what Maryann and N8 The Gr8 bring to the table. Maryann’s sound is fresh and her lyrics are satisfying. I would have liked for her to come a little harder though, since the nature of this song is on the more intense side. Nothing bad to say about the production. N8 did his thing. And the video was cool too. Maryann had a dope rebellious spirit going on. If readers want to hear something slightly outside of the box, they should give this song & video some attention. -MinM

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