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CVIRO – “Faded” (Video)

by Miracle

CVIRO - 2(Photo By CVIRO)

“Faded” (listen/download)

The site’s new Aussie friend Vanessa Elisha decided to bring a fellow fresh Australian artist to our attention. He goes by the name of CVIRO. She has been helping him out with his music by co-writing some tracks for his upcoming EP. The project has been dubbed Elevation and is scheduled to hit the net this month. One of the songs Vanessa provided her in-put on is entitled “Faded.” The track was produced by GXNXVS. It is a mid-level tune that focuses on the mess that CVIRO finds himself in with his significant other due to a little too much drinking and partying during a night out with his boys. CVIRO presents this sticky situation via refined vocals and competent lyrics. It is a kosher track as a whole.

This video was put together by a collective of people. RICO served as the director, Hanley Zheng worked as the cinematographer, and Dylan Duclos took on the role of editor. The video opens with CVIRO walking out and about, smoking a cigarette. He looks like he has a lot on his mind. Variations of this kind of scene are reoccurring throughout the flick. The action shots take the viewer to a bedroom where CVIRO: does some more pondering, a little drinking, and interacts with a couple of different sensually dressed beauties. The killer thing here is that his girlfriend happens to catch his foray with the ladies through a nearby window. Talk about devastating. In between the glances of CVIRO traveling and his bedroom activities, are additional solo shots of him, solo shots of his different female companions, and glimpses of his heartbroken lover. The visuals fade out with a nighttime shot of a lit up city area that overlooks a body of water as CVIRO wanders from view. In the end, this was a very absorbing watch.

**My Two Cents: CVIRO has a quality set of vocals on him. He’s very easy on the ears. Also, he and Vanessa did a stand up job putting this song together. It’s a decent cut and a solid choice for a premier single. The video was on point as well. The look was very clean and smooth. The concept was creatively executed. I think the black & white color scheme gave it an added flair as well. I am very happy that Vanessa was kind enough to share the video with us and I hope that she or CVIRO will keep us in the loop in the future. If interested, readers can catch CVIRO on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. Plus, his website link is provided at the beginning of the post as well. -MinM

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