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Strange Tang – “Till You’re Gone” (Video)

by Miracle

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“Till You’re Gone” (listen/download)

Two of the site’s favorite Southern gentlemen, the fellas of Strange Tang, are back in action. The duo are currently circulating promo for their latest mixtape StrangeLand. Included in the campaigning is their song/video “Till You’re Gone.” The song itself is a mid-tempo track laced with the group’s signature melodies, an infectious hook, and charisma filled street rhymes. The pair penned the perfect ode to living it up while you can before time runs out. It is a four star cut overall. Check out the single’s aesthetically busy yet pleasing video below.

This video is another creation of O-BliQ and Price themselves. It is shot in a completely black & white color scheme. Also, it entails a lot of layered images. The main layer is comprised of see through style versions of the fellas. Underneath their likeness is what appears to be a street dance performance. But it is not just any show. The dancers engaged in the activity happen to be none other than the infamous Les Twins. There is another scene that incorporates dancing too. This one has electronic video game style figures grooving against an all black backdrop. Sometimes it appears as another layer, other times it is shown in a single view. So there is no shortage of things to keep one’s interest. The flick wraps up with O-BliQ and Price vibing out until the song fades. Overall this was a very intricate and innovative piece of work.

**My Two Cents: “Till You’re Gone” is a hot song and the video was bananas. The structure of the visuals was amazing and you can never ever go wrong with a dance sequence from Les Twins. I was excited to receive new material from Strange Tang and they far surpassed my expectations with this submission. I think readers will agree with me 100%. This is a must watch for sure. Visit the provided link to check out more with the twosome or hit up their website. -MinM

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Charles Jackson July 12, 2013 - 11:58 pm

Great song, it a smash hit. Smartaand intriguing


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