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The JayLamar Podcast (Podcast Spotlight)

by Miracle

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Background: The JayLamar Podcast was established on January 5, 2017 by multifaceted entrepreneur JayLamar. If the name looks familiar, it’s because he used to be one of the more top tier artists in the Milwaukee music scene (I’m still hoping he dusts off his mic again one day – lol). He initially created the podcast as an experiment after co-hosting other shows and after being told no multiple times when trying to be apart of certain shows as well. He wanted to create his own outlet and experience. So he went for it and is standing strong five years later with an award under his belt, an international reach, and more. Most of those other shows aren’t even around today. What Jay hopes people take away from his podcast is similar to the same experience one has when playing a video game or indulging in some other sort of hobby – a break from the real world a little bit. He wants listeners to be entertained, to have an outlet for raw conversation, and to take value away from the overall experience. As for the future of the podcast, Jay is being pretty tight lipped. But if you know him you know there is definitely a move or two up his sleeves. Also, he wants other entrepreneurs to know that he is open to more partnerships and growing with others. He’s all about collaboration over competition.

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**My Two Cents: I’ve been rocking with Jay for a while now. So I’ve gotten to experience all of his endeavors in some capacity. Always professional, always top quality, etc. But I recently got all the way into the The JayLamar Podcast. Not just casually listening but creating an account, staying the full show, interacting in the comments section, and so on. It is truly something special. Not only does he play heat from a wide range of talents but there is a genuine camaraderie among those who tune in on Sunday nights. Lots of laughs, flowers given, and just an all around good time. It’s like a nice little secret music community hideout for a couple of hours (lol). I truly enjoy myself. I am so proud of Jay and all his success with the show. I can’t wait to see where he takes it. Readers definitely need to tap in asap. Hit those links! -MinM

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