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Kia Rap Princess – The Road 2 Recovery EP Pt.1 (EP Review)

by Miracle

The site’s return to the music scene just would not be complete without featuring the artist who helped us get in the game, Kia Rap Princess. She’s been through her share of loss, personal ordeals, and hardships as of late but she’s still managing to put out music. Her latest offering is called The Road 2 Recovery EP Pt.1. So much meaning in that title. Gotta appreciate it. The collective consists of four tracks total and each track has an accompanying video. At the time of press, three of the four videos have been released.


The production here is instantly gratifying as it kicks off with a sample of the classic “Anniversary” by old school R&B group Tony Toni Tone. There is also a light base, soulful musical ingredients, a casual tempo, and a charming vibe. The hook is more of a break that incorporates the sample. The arrangement works well for the record. There is a lone extended verse. The verse is commendable. Kia embodies a conversational style flow, detailed wordplay, and endearing rhymes. She gives transparency, she gives uplifting, and she gives just an all around call to appreciate life. Check it as she spits: “Stand on all ten though at times you might get nervous. Hold ya head high. Don’t let ’em see it on the surface. You can do anything you put your mind to. Yeah they get mad when you boss up and they can’t find you. Just keep it moving. Never mind what’s behind you. Flex ya muscle. Gone and show ’em what ya grind do.” Those bars right there just hit the spirit a little differently. Overall, this is a fulfilling number as well as a good choice to lead the project with.

“Mojo Back”

The production here is fire. The foundation has a snazzy knock to it, the various musical components are of a suave nature, the rhythm has some character to it, and the vibe is giving pure business. There is no hook or break on this joint. The pacing is such that everything still flows smoothly though. The continuous verse is proper. Kia takes on a passionate flow, biting wordplay, and assertive rhymes. She wants to make it clear that despite what she’s been through, she’s still not to be slept on when it comes to this music game. She taunts: “Whoever doubted now they know that they done f–ked up. We got the same 24. I don’t know why you mad. Is it cause I said f–k the odds? Gave it all I had. Is it cause you see my girl and she hella bad? Is it cause I’m taking off just like a helipad? Man I ain’t got time for none of these p—ies. That’s some hella pads.” One can not deny that Kia got off with those bars right there. Or maybe they can. This single caused a stir when the EP got a live listen and the reviewer wasn’t quite feeling this track. This is why it was chosen for the site. Had to hear what was going on. As a whole, it gets a pass in our book.

**My Two Cents: The Road 2 Recovery EP Pt.1 is a nice quick roll-out from Kia Rap Princess. Especially considering what she was going through during the process. And I like the fact that she decided to do a video for each track. I don’t think artists put enough value into music videos these days. I chose the above songs as they were the ones that seemed to garner the most attention. But “Palo Santo” and “All I Need” are definitely worth giving an ear as well. I can’t wait to hear what KRP has in store for part 2. And we wish her a clean bill of health! -MinM

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