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The GA Gurlz – Girl Groups Are Dead (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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Girl Groups Are Dead

The site has been lacking a little bit in the female representation department. Therefore figured it’s about time to get in some feminine features. First up, is The GA Gurlz. The ladies are a four member Hip-Hop group, hailing from Atlanta. The members consist of: Miss Holliwood, Jolly Mac, Phat Gul The Massacre and Big Manda. The ladies were launched into the spotlight via their single “GA Gurl.” The song was the first of many regional hits and was the start of the group’s now major underground following. It also got them attention from some key industry players but the  foursome decided to continue building on their underground success. To date they have released a variety of different singles and finally dropped their debut mixtape in April, entitled Girl Groups Are Dead. May seem like an ironic title but the girls are determined to take their career above and beyond that of the typical girl group. They want to combat stereotypes and push the envelope through their strong song concepts, hardcore beats, and tough lyrics. Will they make 2012 the year that the definition of a girl group changes for the better? Click the jump and let’s find out.

“I’m Dat B–ch”

The production here is sick. It contains a deep heavy bass, a few light background elements, and a serious vibe. The hook is dope. It’s basically just a sample from  “Ego” by infamous R&B diva Beyonce. The verses are hot as well. The ladies come with confident mid-tempo flows, quick wordplay, and excellent rhymes. They make it crystal clear early on that they are on boss chic status. Standout lines include: “I grind all day. Still hit the club fly. A full time boss. Still pimping on the side. Put it on a black card, b–ch the limit is the sky. Yeah I hustle hard keep that money stacked high. Diamonds in my chains. ice cream on the ride. Prada on my feet, Gucci bag by my side. Top shelf in my cup cause you know that’s all I buy.” One can’t deny the swag in those lines right there, too fly! Overall, this track is a winner and the perfect way to start the tape.

“Good S–t”

The production here is on point. It features a low tone, a subtle snap, and a chill vibe. The hook is solid. The delivery is clean cut. The lyrics are a little simple and repetitive but still catchy. The verses are fair. The flows are easy to follow and the rhymes are satisfactory.  The girls definitely get the point across that they only party with high quality ingredients. Some noteworthy lines are: “Oh yeah I’m only on that good s–t. Cause f–k it, I’m a hood chic. Only got that fire that other b–ches wish they could get. The purp and the pill, man the folks I’m in good with. If you ain’t messing with ’em, then you probably on that bulls–t.” That’s some honest and skillful spitting. In the end, this is a decent cut. It would make for nice vibe music.


The production here is fresh. Sonically, it takes on a softer tone then the previous tracks. A slow tempo, piano, and a faint shout; are just a few of the components that make up the mellow number. The hook is premium. The vocals are exquisite and the lyrics are appealing. The verses are good. Each femcee brings a quiet consistent flow, clever wordplay, and adequate rhymes. The GA Gurlz successfully convey to the listener that they are all about their paper and nothing can stop it. Highlight lines include: “You mad cause I’m getting yo n—a money. I stay getting guap. I’m a stay on top. Even in between a hard place and a rock. Hair stay fixed, clean outfit, heels always no less than six. I’ll be damn if a muthaf—kin’ chic come more hard then The Ga Gurl clique.” Definitely paints the picture of a chic about her business. All in all, this is another choice song and favorite off of the tape.

**My Two Cents: I first heard The GA Gurlz on the homie $hamrock‘s Hood Kitchen mixtape. He dropped a verse on their song “Extra” and it ended up being one of my favorite cuts off of the project. So when he encouraged me to check out Girl Groups Are Dead, I was happy to do it. Girl Groups Are Dead made an impression on me from the very first track. The ladies went in on the entire project and the production was top notch. Their hooks could be a little more creative. And their rhymes need a little more complexity to them. However, the ladies are certainly talented and delivered a proper debut project. Readers should hit up Live Mixtapes and give Girl Groups Are Dead a full listen. Then check out The GA Gurlz website for more with the Southern belles. -MinM

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