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That’s My DJ: Moses (Higher Education Records)

by Miracle

moses(Photo By Michael Wessel Photography)

The site first came to know Moses under two roles: as a top dog / co-owner over at Higher Education Records and as a producer. He proved to be pretty dope at both. However in recent months, another talent of his came to the forefront. That talent happens to be deejaying. He worked hard to establish himself and is now the leading man behind the tables at The Uptowner‘s open mic night every Sunday. He is also now amongst the go to names in the DJ pool for events. And he just got back from SXSW. So in light of all his recent success, it was only right that he be allowed to tell a little bit of his story in the new segment. See what he shared with The Illixer after the break.

Background Info: Moses is a producer/DJ/engineer from Milwaukee, WI. An extensive collection of vinyl, education in music, and passion has crafted the all-format style that Moses brings to his deejaying (as well as his music production). Along with Moses’ all-format style, he prides himself on being a turntablist. You can catch him every Sunday deejaying the open mic showcase at The Uptowner, as well as various other venues/parties he gets booked at around Milwaukee and Madison. Aside from his personal deejaying, Moses deejays for his fellow Higher Education artists during their performances as well.

Other Ventures: Co-Owner of Higher Education Records / Half of Hip-Hop duo Sean Smart & Moses / Producer for Various Artists / Pro-Tools Certified Recording Engineer w/ Professional Quality Studio

Booking & Web Info: Number – 414 803 0200 / Email – mosesbeats@gmail.com / Moses On Facebook / Moses On Twitter

Mini Q&A:

The Illixer: Top three favorite deejays of all time?

Moses: DJ Premier, DJ Abilities, and DJ Kool Herc

TI: Favorite song or type of music to play?

Moses: Hip-Hop

TI: Favorite place to spin at and why?

Moses: The Uptowner. It’s where our open mic showcase is every Sunday night. I love it because it’s a good feeling to connect with the Hip-Hop community and it has special meaning because it’s something we grew from nothing and made into a great event

TI: One trait that is a must have for every real DJ?

Moses: Understanding the crowd and vibe in the room. Being able to connect with the audience is very important.

TI: If you could change one thing about the art of deejaying today it would be?

Moses: More technical aspects: real vinyl turntables ie. Technique 1200s (Serato or not), turntablism, beat juggling, etc. It seems a rarity to find a DJ who can scratch nowadays. Technical deejaying is one of the elements that built Hip-Hop.

**My Two Cents: Moses is awesome. His genuine enthusiasm for Hip-Hop is definitely something to experience. And it helps add a certain special touch when he’s on the one’s and two’s. Every interaction I’ve had with him has always been pleasant and he has a favorable reputation throughout the music scene. Not to mention, his success with Higher Education Records speaks volumes. Local readers are strongly encouraged to check him out one Sunday at The Uptowner whenever they get the chance. Much love to Moses for taking part in That’s My DJ! -MinM

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lady fusion March 31, 2013 - 4:52 pm

go dj…kuz thsts MY DJ.. love my mo
..hes sooo down to earth/ grounded, lovable & uber talented. thanks for doin this review… xoxo


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