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Takticz – “What You Got On This (D-Bo)”

by Miracle

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 “What You Got On This [D-Bo]” (preview)

California artist Takticz of The N-Crowd Entertainment gifted his supporters with a brand new single not too long ago. It’s labeled “What You Got On This (D-Bo)” and serves as a colorful tribute to the classic hood comedy Friday. It’s done in a Trap fashion and was produced by N8 The Gr8. N8 did an impressive job with the production. The decumbent infrastructure, grimy background components, creeping tempo, and businesslike vibe merge together agreeably. The hook is sharp too. The delivery is lively and the lyrics are ear catching. The verses are felicitous. Takticz executes a flow full of magnetism, deft wordplay, and authentic rhymes. He speaks up on going from having nothing at all to contribute financially to acquiring assets and being logical about spending. Some memorable lines are: “About two years ago, n—a I was dead broke. Always trying to smoke. But I didn’t have no dough. Always trying to drank. But I ain’t have no bank. Always needed a ride. But had no money to survive. My n—as was like (my n—as was like), n—a what you got on this tank? (…) What you got on this drank? And I reply not a thing. Not a damn thing to my name. Couldn’t have no fun cause I didn’t have no funds. But today’s a different day.” Brutally real situation being discussed right there that almost everyone has found themselves in at one time or another. Props to Takticz for keeping it one hundred. Overall, this song is a banger and a highly respectable tribute to a top of the line film.

 **My Two Cents: This was a great single. The production was fly and well put together. Not to mention the fact that Takticz owned his contributions. The hook is the kind to instantly get stuck in your head. And the verses had some substance to them. I think D-Bo would dig it as well (lol). If readers are feeling it too, Takticz and N8 want to know. So be sure to hit them up via the provided links. -MinM

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