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King Gamble – “Animal Music” (Video)

by Miracle

In the spirit of keeping with New York Hip-Hop, thought it would be fitting to share the latest from the homie King Gamble. He dropped a video earlier this month for a fresh original cut called “Animal Music.” The song is slated to be featured on his pending project, The Kings Experience. It’s a raw single with tough A1 production and catchy guileful rhymes. Take a look at the visuals below.

The video takes place in an outdoor setting. The concept is fairly easy to grasp. It more or less just features Gamble rooted in an array of spots around the city doing his thing. A high end shopping district, an elaborately painted wall,  and an open space between two prominent brick buildings all serve as different backdrops throughout the flick. In addition to the people who just happen to be out and about for the day, a couple of Gamble’s peers can be seen in the mix too. Gamble also brings lots of style and charisma to the piece which helps to maintain the viewer’s interest. The uniform creative transitions and crisp precise angles are a superb look too. Overall, this was a seemly effort.

**My Two Cents: I was happy to receive some new material from Gamble. The song is jamming and the video came correct as well. I think Gamble set an exquisite precedent for The Kings Experience. For more with one of Brooklyn’s finest, readers can catch Gamble on Facebook and Twitter. -MinM

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