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Eli Saf – I AM L.A.M.E [Lost Among Many Equals] (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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“LORD$” (previous review)

I AM L.A.M.E [Lost Among Many Equals] (listen/download)

Back in the middle of the Summer, an artist was introduced to the site by the name of Eli Saf. Readers got a sample of what he can do via his single “LORD$.” Now the Bronx native is back with a brand new full length project entitled, I AM L.A.M.E [Lost Among Many Equals]. Eli produced all ten tracks on the tape himself and took special care not to overcrowd the work with guest appearances. Find out exactly what he cooked up after the jump.

“Love Me”

The production here is quality. It consists of: a reliable base, airy quirky background components, a fluent rhythm, and a somber vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery is clear cut and the lyrics are simple yet purposeful. The verses are apt. Eli dishes out an earnest flow, textbook wordplay, and consonant rhymes. He expresses his feelings towards his peers, breaks down what he’s looking for in a female, and shows off the confident side of his persona in a very frank manner. A sprinkling of lines worth highlighting include: “Support me in my music s–t. All I ask is for some love. Cause when I was younger, I never really had that much. My mama always told me she would come. But it’s not even just her. It’s the people of Earth that was calling me lame. Now these n—as know that I’ll soon be a king. (…) Y’all was searching for acceptance. I was out here doing my thing. So know my f–king name.” One has to respect the transition from vulnerability to resiliency in those bars. Overall, this was a solid effort.

“On It”

The production here is enjoyable. It incorporates: a stable foundation, pleasant secondary elements, a sprightly tempo, and a mellow vibe. The hook is up to par. The delivery is animated and the lyrics are feasible. The verses are sufficient. Eli comes with an arresting flow, conventional wordplay, and straight-laced rhymes. His determination to be successful in his life and his career carries on in this record as well. Some lines to take notice of are: “Shout out to my exes. Shout out to my n—as. Shout out to the ones only trying to make these millions. I never did sleep. 17 year old nappy headed n—a trying to get up on his feet. Started from the Winter. Started from the bottom. (…) Shout out to these circles cause I was always square. Shout out to my lames cause we know life is never fair. Man I’m f–king on it. And I’m on it til I own it.” That’s a trendy set of opening bars right there. All in all, this was a cool track.

“Take It Slow”

The production here is great. The refined structure, laid-back musical ingredients, whimsical gait, and neutral vibe all accumulate together proficiently. The hook is incomplex. The delivery is poised and the lyrics are to the point. The verses are demure. Eli offers up an able-bodied flow, reputable wordplay, and interesting rhymes. He conveys a message about dealing with life by slowing it down to a manageable pace. He spits: “Even the score. Tears and they fall. Dirt on my name and I put up a wall. Keeping the pride with tears in ya eyes. Deep in the womb you live in this life. Meet me I’m here. And we getting high. Easing the pain is better than dying. Keeping the smirk. I hope and I work that soon you’ll be knowing my worth.” The abstract composition in those bars is a pretty slick technique. In the end, this is a valid offering.

**My Two Cents: I AM L.A.M.E [Lost Among Many Equals] (love that acronym) is an efficient tape. The production is a little out of the ordinary which causes it to standout and that’s always a plus. The content was a-okay. Eli’s delivery and flow were there, he just still needs to work more of a flair into his rhymes. But I do feel that will come as he gets older and evolves within his craft. He has a lot of promise for sure. As a whole, the tape ranks a 3.5/5. Venture on over to Sound Cloud to listen for yourself. -MinM

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