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Takticz – “Never Cheat On A Songwriter (Bounce Back)”

by Miracle

bounceback(Photo By The N-Crowd Entertainment)

It’s been a few months since readers were privy to some new music from West Coast artist Takticz. So figured it would be a treat to go ahead and share his latest single. It’s colorfully labeled “Never Cheat On A Songwriter (Bounce Back)” and it was produced by SBΛCΞ. Word has it that it will appear on the rapper’s upcoming EP. She… is the title of the pending release.

The production here is one of a kind but in a good way. It is comprised of: a spacey eccentric infrastructure, soulful secondary ingredients, an appealing tempo, and an undemanding vibe. The hook is compatible. The delivery is creative and the lyrics are sentimental. The verses are adequate. Takticz supplies an adaptable flow, promising wordplay, and forthright rhymes. He gives the listener an earful about a relationship gone wrong in a slightly biting yet relatable manner. It’s definitely a situation that practically everyone has experienced a time or two before. An excerpt from his turbulent ordeal includes: “I’m learning, you learning, we young. I finally learned that you dumb. Moved you in my place when yo lease was up. The least you could’ve done was keep some f–king trust you f–king bum. She let everybody f–k when she got drunk. Everybody got some like a potluck. White girl with a Black a**. Hypnotized, should’ve never wifed that bop up. I’m the only dude who gave your a** a chance. And you repay me by f–king yo best friend’s ex.” That story has a painful start right out of the gate. One certainly can’t blame the young talent for being a little upset. His goal with this track was to send a message to the girl who broke his heart and he’s speaking volumes. Overall, this is a passionate selection.

**My Two Cents: The circumstances that inspired it suck but I enjoyed this record. The production is finely put together and Takticz paired up with it well. Also, he gave the listener some real raw content in a favorable manner. The press release stated that this is one of those numbers that says what everyone wishes they could but never do. I totally agree. It’s a great way to stick it to an ex. If the rest of She… is this fiery, it’s going to be quite the EP. Looking forward to hearing more. Readers should go ahead and give this a spin. -MinM

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