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Steve White Films Presents – “The Set Up” (Model Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Steve White)

*WARNING: Not Suitable For Work*

Well known Milwaukee based videographer Steve White just elevated his camera game to a whole new level. He launched a mini film of sorts that features various model beauties. His inspiration behind the new work is to show and prove that the Mil has it’s fair share of loveliness. Also, he wanted to demonstrate that his directorial skills are nothing to take lightly either. Check out Steve’s new vision below.


This flick is set to the tune of “The Morning” by peculiar Canadian crooner The Weeknd. The setting for the project is an inviting  hotel room. The premise for the video appears to be every man’s fantasy. An unseen male is led into a room full of super friendly scantily clad ladies. They tease and taunt the subject in a very sensual fashion. And just when everything seems to be heating up, things take an interesting turn. Readers will have to watch to find out exactly what happens. It should be noted that rapper Krayzie makes a cameo appearance.

**My Two Cents: I appreciated this flick. Steve really did a nice job of capturing the models. Plus, I loved the point of view used. This was a really creative work and one of Steve’s best to date. He promises there will be more to come in the future. If readers want to find out additional info about the Mil’s best camera man or book him for a shoot, they can peep his website here. -MinM

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