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Chris Masson – “No Further Questions”

by Miracle

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Chris Masson  is a singer/songwriter based out of Massachusetts. He has been active in the music business for over a decade. His sound is hard to tie down but has been labeled as a mixture of: Alternative Rock, Pop, and Folk music. Masson credits his unique style as a reflection of the fact that he takes inspiration from any and everything. His songs are said to contain a winning blend of emotion, originality, and musicality. Playing countless shows nationwide, his live shows are said to be quite impressive as well due to his entertaining stage presence and versatility. At the moment, he is hard at work in the studio cooking up a new project. To tide fans over while they wait, he recently dropped a fresh track titled “No Further Questions.”

The production here is excellent.  It consists of: a strong guitar element, a concealed bass, and a soulful vibe. There is no set hook utilized. The title of the single is just briefly mentioned in between the verses. The verses are brilliant. Masson serves up pure and enthusiastic vocals with exceptional lyrics. He discusses having to answer to a higher power for the ills one commits in this life via the metaphor of a court case. He cleverly provides the point of the view of the: judge, prosecutor, two parties on trial, and then concludes with a final ruling. Some lines of interest are: “Verdict is in. Now the story has been told. There’s two more people working on the devil’s payroll. Please rise now for the judge is about to speak. Guilty as charged. I condemn you cursed for eternity. This courtroom is adjourned. There’s nothing left to say. I’ve made my decision! Bailiff take them away!” Very compelling imagery going on in those lines. Overall, this song is a hit and an outstanding example of storytelling and creativity.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a great song. Masson has appealing vocals. Also, the content was different yet very captivating. And I loved the production too. Though this is far from Hip-Hop, readers should open their minds and give this track a few spins. They will not be disappointed. For more with Chris Masson visit here. -MinM

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