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Sonick – This Is Me (Album Review)

by Pooh Bailey

This Is Me 1

This Is Me (Official Website Link)

Sonick is back with the full length album version of This Is Me. Half of the collective is what makes up the featured tracks for the previously released This Is Me EP. Readers can find the EP review here. As for the newer half, it is pretty good.

With dope production and silky smooth lyrics, Sonick does not disappoint. This Is Me would be so much better if songs from the EP were not on it. It’s not that the songs are bad, they’re fine. However, the EP came out in 2014. To give the listeners a true look at the artist, the artist shouldn’t repeat songs. The LP should be the full look and the EP should just be a glimpse. Besides that, This Is Me really is another great look at Sonick the artist. One of the standout tracks for me is, “Double Dutch.” I could really hear it as a mainstream track. The melodic beat draws you in and Sonick’s double entendre puts you in a trance that only marijuana could induce. All in all, This Is Me is worth the listen. If you’ve heard the EP, you’ve basically heard the album. It’s still worth the download, just to hear the fresher tracks. Sonick is truly growing as an artist. I just hope this little blunder doesn’t throw him off course. – Pooh Bailey

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