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Will Static F/ D-Whip – “Fantasy”

by Miracle


(Photo By Miguel Santiago)

The Illixer was recently introduced to yet another fresh face in the Milwaukee music scene. Readers meet Will Static.  He’s a young talent on the rise who is from the 414 but holding it down in La Crosse (WI). He is also a part of the Dead Rappers Society. The collective prides themselves on being creative and doing their part for the Hip-Hop culture by helping to keep Rap alive. At the moment, Will Static is putting together the pieces for his debut EP. To keep his supporters engaged while he creates, he has decided to release a variety of singles for their listening pleasure. Among said singles is his latest track, “Fantasy” featuring D-Whip. It should be noted that “Fantasy” will not appear on the upcoming EP.

The production here is hot. The immersed foundation, dramatic background elements, measured tempo, and grimy vibe make for a flawless combination. Harlow Beats slays this instrumental. The hook is fair. The execution is inventive but the lyrics are a tad on the bland side. Adding just a little more pizzazz to the wording would help take the hook up a notch. The verses are adequate. Both artists lace the record with their own unique flows, quick wordplay, and legitimate rhymes. They speak colorfully on their musical dreams and aspirations while seemingly having a good time. Which adds a sense of relatability and magnetism for the listener. All in all, this is a sufficient collaboration.

**My Two Cents: “Fantasy” is a cool little selection. Will Static carries a lot of potential as an artist. He has a very stand out flow. And one can hear the passion for his craft in his voice. However, he does need to fine tune a couple of areas. He needs to work on settling into the beat more as well as polishing his wordplay. He is still pretty young though. So there is plenty of time for him to perfect his art. I think readers should give this song a shot. Let me know what you think in the comments section below. For more with Will Static, check him out on Twitter. -MinM

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