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Something Else Tour 2013 [Milwaukee, WI] – Tech N9ne Interview (Video)

by Miracle

1388536_342183745926692_516850910_n(Photos By Joey Dee)

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Legendary independent rapper Tech N9ne stopped through the 414 today (10/14/13) courtesy of his Something Else Tour. He and the Strange Music crew took over The Rave/Eagles Ballroom as they tend to do every so often. He was gracious enough to take some time before the show to chop it up with a few of Milwaukee’s media outlets. The Illixer was lucky enough to be amongst said few. Check it out below as he speaks on: his current album, the nature of the tour, being a vampire, and much more.

The interview was shot by Joey Dee (Team Red Eye). The location for the interview was aboard Tech N9ne’s personal tour bus. Which was made evident via the artistic red and black decor. Tech started off by discussing his love for his fans and how he is willing to go wherever they may happen to be. No matter how big or small the area. Next, he filled the site in on his recent experience with Forbes. He surprisingly showed an almost shy side of himself during this segment. There are certain details of his life that he likes to keep under wraps and one can’t be mad at that. After the Forbes question, things got on a topic that Tech was much more comfortable with … his music. He dropped some knowledge about his current Something Else LP, spoke a little bit about the tour, and shared some insight about his upcoming release. It’s titled Therapy Sessions With Ross Robinson and it hits retailers on November 5th. The session wrapped up with a brief dialogue about longevity and an a-capella performance from the king of the Technicians himself. All in all, it was a remarkable experience.

**My Two Cents: I was pretty nervous about doing this interview at first. However, upon meeting Tech N9ne the nerves kind of went away and I just had a good time. He’s every bit as eccentric as his music but he is also super easy to talk to and extremely down to earth. This is by far my favorite interview of my career. Much love to Joey Dee for capturing this epic occasion for the site. And mad props to Tech N9ne as well as his Strange Music team for linking up with us! -MinM


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