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Rell Ca$h – “GINlife” (Video)

by Miracle

download(Photo By Babyface Monster)

“GINlife” (iTunes)

Rell Ca$h is a budding award winning artist from right here in Milwaukee. He is described as having a refined lyrical ability with striking punchlines. His influences include the likes of: Fabolous, Jadakiss, Joe Budden, etc. And he prides himself on not being the type of individual to conform. About a month ago, he released his debut EP titled 2566. The project is named after his childhood address here in the 414.  Recently, the site received visuals to the rapper’s hit single “GINlife.” It served as the buzz record for the EP and was named “Song Of The Year” by HNS Radio.

The production for the song is hot. The gloomy infrastructure, dark musical components, and edgy vibe make for a sick combination. The hook is golden too. The delivery is clever and the lyrics are raw. The verses are of a high caliber quality. Rell serves up a collected flow, sharp wordplay, and serious rhymes. He puts forth a very no-nonsense message about the way he and his team get down. Overall, this is a fire hood anthem.

The video is pretty straightforward. It basically just follows Rell’s adventures at night throughout the city. He has some haunting solo shots as well as a few intense looks with his crew.  Additionally, there are assorted special effects sprinkled throughout the video that take the theme of the track to the next level. The flick ends with a salute from Rell Ca$h and a fading shot of him with his squad. All in all, this was a fitting piece.

**My Two Cents: Rell Ca$h was brought to my attention by the homie Babyface Monster. I know he only vouches for the dopest artists, so I expected great things. Rell did not let me down. His flow is polished and his rhymes are top notch. “GINlife” is a catchy expertly put together street record. The video ties into the song perfectly and was also nicely done. I think readers are sure to agree that Rell Ca$h is worthy all of the hype that surrounds him. So click play on that video and check him out! -MinM

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Essince RoyalHeirEnt October 16, 2013 - 3:00 pm

Thanks for posting this. Rell is dope.


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