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Snow Tha Product – “Uhh” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

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Haven’t done a Snow Tha Product post in a while. So felt like now was as good a time as any. She’s still going hard in the game and keeping the whole world “woke.” She recently dropped a little snippet of some new music via a fresh set of visuals. The short selection is simply entitled “Uhh” and it is produced by DJ Pumba.

The production here is hot. The ample base, slightly unconventional musical elements, fervent tempo, and businesslike vibe fit together superbly. There is no hook in place on this track. Which works out fine as the single only runs just shy of a minute a half. The extended rhyme is sick. Snow Tha Product attacks the beat with a biting versatile flow, swift wordplay, and forward rhymes. She effortlessly demonstrates why she continues to be one of the top female artists in the industry. Peep as she spits: “I shouldn’t have to tell you again. B—h you ain’t woke then we end ya snooze. I don’t be jumping from crew to crew. I don’t be clubbing looking for boos. I only go out if its my tables. I don’t need friends. B—h I pick and choose. And b—hes talk out they neck but don’t pop off.” The unapologetic nature of those lines right there is everything. All in all, this a great little lyrical exercise from Snow.

The Woke TV produced video for the tune is pretty clear cut. The premise features Snow chilling in a black chair and carrying out her verse. The set-up is accented by a plain off-colored backdrop. Snow’s facial expressions, mannerisms, and liveliness are what captivates the viewer. She’s so into her performance that one can’t help but to turn up right along with her. Not just anybody can sell a visual minimal action, special effects, editing tricks, etc. In the end, it’s a very lit offering. Readers should definitely give it a glance. And be sure to visit the link at the beginning of the post to check out the latest “Woke” gear. -MinM

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