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Tr3y – Jesus Piece (EP Review)

by Miracle

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Tr3y finalized his transition into the Gospel world last month with the official release of his debut EP, Jesus Piece. The project dropped via a one of a kind release event at the 414 crooner’s church. The event was a huge success and Tr3y’s transformation landed exceptionally well with the people. Which is made evident through all of the praise that the short collective is receiving on social media and the sea of supporters sporting the t-shirts that go along with the Jesus Piece movement. The EP consists of six tracks total, including previously released cuts “Cloud X” and “King Kong.” Continue reading below to find out The Illixer‘s take on the beloved Trap Gospel creation.

“All About You”

This is the first song on the project. The production here is flattering. The clean foundation, mild mannered supporting details, casual tempo, and low key vibe result in an attractive pairing. The hook is solid. The vocals are polished and the lyrics are contagious. The verses are satisfying. Tr3y relays smooth harmonies and stirring lyrics. He shows a huge display of humility as he conveys the message that God is the one deserving of the spotlight instead of him. Take note as he sings: “Make me invisible (So you can get all the glory). Let your words speak through me. Whatever you want me to do, I promise I’ll do. Whatever you want me to say. I’m a get out of your way. Father your the king. You can have it your way.” Those are some endearing and submissive words being poured out right there. Overall, this is tastefully done record and a pleasant way to kick things off.

“King Kong” F/ Tae Spears

This is the only spot on the EP where a guest artist appears. The production here is hot. The thriving base, savvy urban musical components, tense gait, and gritty vibe fuse effortlessly together. The hook is sick. The vocals are sleek and the lyrics are fresh. The verses are choice. Tr3y laces the beat with charismatic melodies, expressive lyrics, and shockingly a little bit of spitting here & there. Tae Spears comes through towards the end with an energetic flow and vivid rhymes. The fellas do an excellent job of reflecting the empowerment that comes with having Christ on your team. A highlight from Tr3y’s portion of the testimony includes: “My faith is on ten. I know that I win. The devil can’t stop me. This ain’t a game. I rep the name. Nobody can block me. Go hard for the city like concrete. Talking Jesus to everyone that I meet.” One has to appreciate the inspirational tone of those lines right there. All in all, this is a top notch offering. It’s not hard to understand at all why it was so popular when it was leaked.

“It’s Lit”

Every project has a run away fan favorite. This seems to be that selection for Jesus Piece. The production here is of a grade A quality. The trendy infrastructure, complimentary background ingredients, infectious rhythm, and good natured vibe are a blessing to the ears. The hook is mint. The vocals are kosher and the lyrics are diverting. The verses are respectable. Tr3y supplies first-rate melodies with festive lyrics. He demonstrates that one can live for God and still have a good time. Worldly activities are not a necessity. He shares: “We about to have a good time today. Ya already know. I done had a long week. And I just came to see what the Lord got to say about it. I just wanna dance and shout it. I ain’t gotta pour up. I ain’t gotta roll up. Getting high on the spirit. I just wanna live it.” Anyone listening is sure to be moved by the positive and enjoyable aura that flows from that opener. As a whole, this offering is a real treasure as well as a site favorite. The people chose perfectly with this one.

**My Two Cents: Jesus Piece is a proficient collective. Using a Trap style to introduce himself to the Gospel genre was a risky move by Tr3y. But it was well worth it. The tone/packaging of the EP speaks to the listener’s spirit while at the same time allowing them to jam out and truly delight in the music. Additionally, Trap Gospel hasn’t really been done before. So this puts Tr3y in a lane all his own. Which is a great way for him to stand out from the competition. I believe the Gospel path holds big things in store for the homegrown talent. Religious as well as non-religious folks alike need to join the Jesus Piece movement pronto. But don’t just take my word for it. Go cop the EP on iTunes and listen for yourselves. -MinM

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