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Illien Rosewell – “Everythang Different”

by Pooh Bailey

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“Everythang Different” (iTunes)

Born and raised in Norfolk, VA, Illien Rosewell was influenced by early 90’s Hip-Hop and Dance/Rhythm music. By 2007, Rosewell started working in the studio with Quinton Johnson where they formed the Hip-Hop group No Regard.  In 2009, No Regard was signed to Universal Motown. Later in 2010, Rosewell made the decision to step away from the group and pursue his solo career. This led to him gaining significant musical connections and landing a placement with Big Boi.  After linking up with Nottz in 2012, he opened up a studio in Norfolk called, Boom Bap Studios. Fast forward to 2014 and Illien Rosewell opened up for Dom Kennedy at the Majestic Ventura Theater in Ventura, CA.  While in California, Rosewell obtained a clothing sponsor, Emanuel Fletcher, who is a designer closely associated with the infamous Karl Kani. Currently, Illien Rosewell is collaborating with artists such as: Willie the Kid, Planet Asia, Intalek, DMP, etc.

Eager to release his upcoming project A Different Mind, Rosewell is promoting a new track titled “Everythang Different.” Inspiring the discovery of individual self-worth “Everythang Different” is an empowering declaration of drive and ambition.

If J. Cole was from Virginia, he would be Illien Rosewell. “Everythang Different” sounds like a track that belongs on Cole’s Friday Night Lights. And that is not a bad thing. The production draws you in and Rosewell’s flow grasps your attention. What really stands out is how dramatic the beat is. It gives you the Rocky running up the stairs feel. Roswell’s flow was perfect for the production, even if the bars weren’t. The bars weren’t bad but with this type of setup, Rosewell should have went for broke. However, this is a really good track. The perfect song to work-out to. In the end, everythang might be different, but some things stay the same. -Pooh Bailey

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