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Smallwood, Illiminate, & Haystak – “A.F.W.Y.”

by Miracle

Since his last run on the site, rapper Smallwood has been on the move. He hit the road earlier this year with fellow rapper Illiminate and the pair left their mark on a multitude of cities including: Olympia (WA), Colorado Springs (CO), & Eugene (OR). They got encouraging feedback which set the bar up nicely for the release of their collaboration track with veteran rapper Haystak. The song is called “A.F.W.Y.” and it is currently available for streaming and purchasing.

The production here is engaging. It is made up of a concrete foundation, spirited musical elements, the occasional DJ scratches, a snazzy rhythm, and a no-nonsense vibe. The hook is of an A-1 quality. The delivery is evident and the lyrics are uninhibited. The verses are satisfactory. The trio serve up personalized flows, sufficient wordplay, and tough rhymes. They make it crystal clear that they have no time or tolerance for bulls–t when it comes to dealing with people. An example of which includes lines such as: “But when I’m doing bad they don’t answer my calls. So when I get to ball motherf–k all y’all. I’m staying ten toes tall til I’m nothing but dust. I know these haters talk s–t but I know they won’t bust. If you got a problem with me b–ch, don’t say it on the track. They put the address on these flyers, b–ch we’ll pop up where you at.” Those lines right there end the first verse of the track with a serious bite. As a whole, this is a slick joint offering from the Southern trio.

**My Two Cents: It has been a real treat following Smallwood on social media and getting the chance to see him advance in his craft in various ways. I think he’s an artist that a lot of people sleep on, so it’s good to see him getting more recognition and such. “A.F.W.Y.” is a well done collab. The instrumental is jamming and the fellas compliment each other’s styles with ease. Readers should for sure check out the link at the beginning of the post whenever they get a chance. Looking forward to seeing what 2018 has in store for the homie Smallwood. -MinM

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