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King Cezar – “From The Jump”

by Miracle

“From The Jump” (iTunes)

Artists are dropping their final tunes and projects for 2017 left and right. King Cezar, never to be the one left behind, decided to join the party by giving us all one last original single for the year. It’s labeled “From The Jump” and it is produced by Mil-town producer XYZ.

The production here is intensive. The speaker rattling bass, slight eerie musical components, drawn out rhythm, and hard-nosed vibe make for a captivating instrumental. The hook is compact and easy to remember. The delivery is spotless and the lyrics are savvy with a bit of a hood theme. The verses are pure Cezar. He approaches the mic with his token flow, fluent wordplay, and rhymes that hold no punches. He reminds anyone who might be listening that he is no rookie to the game and that the way he operates has never changed. He commences: “These n—as sleep. Man, I been awake for some weeks. Look, I’m on the roof ’bout to leap cause most of you n—as just reach. You n—as weak. I need to smoke. I need to go to the store. I only shop where it grows. Guess I’m back running the road. You n—as stuck to the floor.” Those bars definitely create quite a dividing mark between King Cezar and his peers. As a whole, this is a bang-up way for the royal one to end his musical quarter.

**My Two Cents: This has been a lofty year for Cezar musically. He’s dropped an impressive collective of both original tracks as well as CezMixes. And “From The Jump” is a good way to top it all off. The beat is a killer and the content goes hard too. One can always count on King Cezar to speak his mind and push a few buttons (lol). I hear he is rolling out the big guns for his 2018 campaign and I can’t wait. In the meantime be sure to purchase, share, and show love to “From The Jump.” Quality music can only thrive if we genuinely support it. -MinM

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