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The Illixer’s 6 Year Anniversary

by Miracle

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**Editor’s Note: The Illixer is six years old as of this month. It’s been another interesting year of blessings and curses but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world. We’ve still got a lot of growing to do as well as ideas to implement and there are some plans in motion to do just that in 2018. This includes jumping back into the events arena which is always a blast. A huge thank you to our readers for keeping up with the site for another year though. We greatly appreciate all of the continued views, shares, comments, etc. Additionally, a big thank you to the artists who continue to submit, send us exclusives, refer their peers, etc. It is always an honor and a pleasure to be trusted with your art and to witness your responses to our love & critique of said art. It’s all done with good intentions. As always, we know there is room for improvement. So please don’t be shy about letting us know what might make us even doper in 2018. The comments section is always open for feedback. And don’t forget to check out our end of the year traditional posts via the above links. There is some good music to be found/rediscovered. This year’s celebration tune is “Big Rings” by Drake & Future. Our team is small but we definitely deserve the best. Reflect and jam out below. Catch y’all next year! -MinM


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