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Bizal McLoud – The Loud House (Mixtape Review)

by Pooh Bailey

Back like it’s the first time, Bizal McLoud has dropped his anticipated mixtape The Loud House. This project features the likes of: Trunk Bussa, Benji, Mudda Moe, Big Wavy, Inferno, Chickey, Hektik, Awol, and Tiphanie. Also, this  mixtape is on Highrize Inc/Loud Interests Dis., and may I say it’s Bizal’s best work. I don’t know what’s different or what changed, but McLoud came with it.

This mixtape will stay on repeat. There is no chasing other people’s sounds or pretending to be someone he is not. This project is just Bizal at his very best. The best track as well as my favorite track is, “Cadillacs Lambo.” This is that riding through the city with some bag and nowhere to go music. The way Bizal just takes control is just lovely. And the production on this track is dope as hell. To take Webbie’s “How You Riding” and turn that hood classic into something even bigger, yes Mr. McLoud. Now understand, nothing is without flaw. And the flaws here are “She” and “On Me.” The only flaw here is that a real R&B singer should’ve sang on these tracks. The singers here were cute but Bizal needs someone to really bring it or at least meet him half way.

Production wise, this mixtape is great. Lately, producers have been giving us their best fruity loops impressions but that’s not what’s happening here. The producers truly went in.

The Loud House is by far the best of Bizal’s work and the best mixtape of 2017. I don’t know what path McLoud is taking but I hope he stays on it long enough to drop an album. Until then I will be playing this mixtape in my “loud house.” Waiting on the next project in my “loud house.” – Pooh Bailey

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