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Sinista – “The Real Is On The Rise” (Poem)

by Miracle

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The homie Sinista dropped another pearl this past weekend. He is in a spiritual place in his life right now and on a divine journey. But he doesn’t plan on doing it alone. He is hoping to reach others who are searching for some positivity and spirituality in their lives too. And that’s what this piece is about. Take a look.

“The Real Is On The Rise”

(Poem By Sinista)

Ill pray for u even tho u wont pray for me
U wish for me to fail I wish for u to receive
All the blessings in the world and eyes given to see
An open heart and mind and the words to speak
I wish for u to breathe so that u can breathe life
And the strength of giants so u can fight the good fight
So u can give the Glory and get the riches u deserve
It aint about money or the cars its about being rich in the word
Im a holy bomber bringin change but not Osama
Its not just u and ur momma cause u got a heavenly father
Uve never been alone the devil had u blinded
Our fathers here with u and still u will deny him
So before u are man learn how to be son
Learn that we are all considered one living in under the same sun
Under the same blue skies and the stars that he created
Don’t seek out religion its just another topic to be debated
Learn how to walk in faith learn how to supplement ur soul
Don’t u get tired of failing doesn’t the suffering get old ….

This poem features some profound thoughts. These thoughts come together to form a message that will touch any reader in some way. Also, there is a lot of sacred imagery. The imagery is well utilized and really helps drive home the theme of the piece. Additionally, it adds to the tone of the writing. The tone here is very heartfelt. In the end, this is a moving and first-rate poem.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a very nice poem. I love the unselfish aspect of it. I think it is a good thing that Sinista is at such a refined place in his life and that he wants to help others achieve the same. It’s even better that he is not ashamed to talk about it or showcase it in his creativity. Good luck on your journey Sin! -MinM

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