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Introducing Milwaukee’s Winning Get It Boi: Ygun Clutch (Q&A)

by Miracle

(Photo By Ygun Clutch)

Ygun Clutch is an extremely charismatic rapper holding it down here in the Mil. He got into music and entertainment at an early age and has been going strong ever since. Known for being the life of the party so to speak, Clutch has conquered numerous competitions and shutdown countless stages. Which is not easy to do when sharing the spotlight with highly revered industry names such as Twista, Freddie Gibbs, etc. Clutch has also managed to gain and keep the respect of his fellow local artists, as well as attract quite an impressive number of supporters. Clutch’s end game is no different than any other artist, he wants to reach the big time. However, he also wants to leave a positive mark on his community along the way.  Recently The Illixer caught up with Clutch and was able to pick the brain of the man with the suave style and big personality. See what was uncovered after the jump.

The Illixer: How did you select your stage name?

Ygun Clutch: I got my stage name at 18, really more like 20ish. Everybody use to hit me up like you quiet but you be jappin when it comes to certain things! It’s like I can go from 0 to 100 in a moment depending on the situation.

TI: At what moment in your life did you know that you wanted to become a rapper?

YG: I always loved music so rapping and free-styling came natural to me! Being in the hood growing up amongst the known dope boys and gangbangers, I adapted to the lifestyle quickly. But being my mother’s only son made me stand as a man and protect my household as a youngster and the OG’s and streets respected me because I did me.

TI: For someone meeting you for the first time, how would you describe yourself?

YG: Meeting me for the first time can be either way! But I’m a people person, so more than likely we will connect about something regardless of what category it falls in. I’m willing to listen and learn, as much as I am to talk and discuss. Any knowledge is good knowledge but it’s even better when you’ve learned and been through so much.

TI: What is the YAW Movement that you have going on all about?

YG: The YAW movement is a movement me and my brother Motion came up with. Since he’s been rapping as an artist, he’s won all the competitions he’s been in. Plus I’ve won all the ones I’ve been in too! And a fan came to us one day and was like y’all always winning! But I feel like every day we here and putting up we always winning! And we also use it as a response, an answer, and remark. It’s our slang (lol).

TI: Your track “Swagg Shot Amigo” was a huge single. What was the inspiration behind that song?

YG: “Swagg Shot Amigo” I actually began writing when I took a trip to New York with my bro Motion to meet up with some major companies. While there my bro hit me with the track from Tofino Sounds (Shout-out to Tofino for that love). But while sitting in the hotel in Downtown Manhattan, I just caught that vibe that reminded me of all the company I keep and the people who appreciate me for who I am, my amigos!

TI: What has been the most important achievement in your career thus far and why?

YG: The best achievement to me has been the consistent support system from the city, because it takes a lot to have a city behind you and your music or anything you do as a whole. I feel I can have a lot more support. But once something catches on, everybody will catch on to it hopefully. I also support everybody else. There isn’t an artist here that I haven’t done a show with or at least heard their music. I just choose my company I keep wisely so I don’t fall victim to someone else’s mistakes, ya feel me?

TI: Your live shows have a lot of high energy and are usually pretty well received by audiences. How do you go about preparing for a performance?

YG: I don’t prepare for shows really, its just natural with me! I feel if you know yourself then everything else will fall in line. I really can’t speak for most artists but to me it’s about giving the audience and your fans something to see and remember! Give them your all every time, regardless the size of the crowd cause there’s always someone looking for a certain something in everyone’s music.

TI: You have mentioned that you are about to embark on a tour this Summer. What are you looking forward to and what do you ultimately hope to accomplish with this tour?

YG: I’m looking forward to harder work and more research! The money gone be money and the whole touring experience, reaching different connections and opinions is always a plus! Because every time you have someone to make a statement about you, that means you’re one more listener to the good! Negative or positive energy, they listened and you got your point across!

TI: The Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene has a lot of up-and-coming talent. What qualities do you possess that make you stand out from the rest?

YG: Yes! Milwaukee has SOOOOO much talent! But everybody isn’t ready. You got the ones that make great songs, then you got the ones who wasting a lot of space but got money to back them. I mean let’s get it! Don’t keep giving the money away to bring other artists here! Push our music then bring them here to open up for us! That’s just my personal opinion and outlook on the whole music movement in the 414. I standout because I make music the streets can relate to, and the streets know me for the things I rap about. I live what I talk about or have been through. But I can say I’ve changed because I not only provide, I’m a household name in the making. #trydat!

TI: Your bio states that one of the things you are working for is to be a positive force in the community. How are you going about fulfilling that goal?

YG: I have the TeamYawGurlz414 which are my models. As well as TeamYaw773, TeamYaw608, TeamYaw404, TeamYawKids&Teens, and the Get It Gurlz ran by Lady Elouise aka Lady El. So there’s a lot on my plate and I plan on making things happen from the non-profit organization Kin2Kin ran by my best friend and Get It Gurlz members Candy and Shemekka. Plus the TeamYawGurlz414 are into fashion and hair as well! So yeah we’re grinding and networking right now to the best of our abilities.

TI: Besides the tour, are there any other endeavors that you have going on that you want people to know about or do you have any last words?

YG: Yeah checkout my video “Swagg Shot Amigo” on YouTube. Also, follow me on Twitter. This August I will be pushing my single for the “DJ Fahrenheit Making The Next Hit Contest” for CTE! I also will be attending the B.E.T Awards and after party for making it to the third round! The next round is in Las Vegas for a production deal and more. Plus my album and mixtape are dropping early July with the winnings of the Coast2Coast Mixtape Tour. So it’s been a lot to be doing by myself with no manager. You can only do so much for the people that a make you stand for something! Why not help and grow instead of hating and downgrading? Leave a mark everyone can remember! But only certain eyes can see. – Clutch (Yaw, Yaw!)

 (Photo By Ygun Clutch)

**My Two Cents: I have been trying to make this interview happen for a while now and was happy to finally get it done. I have had the pleasure of interacting with Clutch in person and he’s a cool cat. Also, he has a very entertaining live show. His energy is crazy. I wish him the best of luck with all of his various ventures. If interested readers can check out his music via Sound Cloud. -MinM

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I see your Progress Ygun CLutch. Im proud of you..Keep P.U.S.H.ing forward.. ♥


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