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Sean Smart F/ RahRah The Savage & Mic Kellogg – “Provide”

by Miracle

AA21C52D-3B56-4980-A50F-E43EE435BA48(Photo by Michael Wessel / Graphics by Sean Smart)

Sean Smart gave his supporters the final leak off of his upcoming self-titled project last month. It’s another collaboration piece but it’s from a perspective that we haven’t heard much of from Sean before. The single is labeled “Provide” and it features fellow artists RahRah The Savage & Mic Kellogg. TRiLL GATE$ returns as the producer of the record.

The production here is excellent. The clean bass line, silvery musical components, becoming rhythm, and uninhibited vibe fuse together flawlessly. The hook is something magical as well. The vocals are magnetic and the lyrics are endearing. The verses are appeasing. All three gentlemen come with their own individualized flows/vocals, promising wordplay, and suitable rhymes/lyrics. The trio pay tribute to the ladies in a quirky yet enticing manner. Some lines worth taking in from the one and only Sean Smart include: “Admiring the flow and the penmanship. F–king with a pro. She ain’t celibate. So elegant, her self-esteem the only thing that blemishes. This s–t is deeper than melanin. Baby girl heaven sent. All her skeletons irrelevant. She know her man a gentleman. First lady that I ever been in love with. That’s why she call me the President.” One has to admire the debonair nature of those bars right there. As a whole, this is a premium final leak.
**My Two Cents: This fourth leak from Sean Smart’s upcoming self-titled project definitely cements the high bar that was set by the three previous records. The production is stellar. The guest artists are very compatible with the theme and style of the track. And Sean Smart shines as always. He once again proves that he has a wide range of artistry to offer. Which is great as it keeps people on their toes and coming back for more. Sean Smart is slated to hit the public later this month and I am very excited to hear the rest of the collective. In the mean time, readers need to go ahead and add “Provide” to their rotations. If for no other reason, it’s perfect for this time of year which has been deemed ‘cuffing season’ (lol). -MinM

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