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Sean Smart – F/ Duke Daeo – “Gotta Hustle”

by Miracle

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It looks like everyone over at Higher Education Records is on their musical grind. Sean Smart is another member prepping his following for an upcoming release. His project is cleverly titled Stupid/Smart. The mixtape will chronicle the highs and lows of Sean’s life that stem from some of the choices he’s made. The project will include guest appearances from names such as Milwaukee’s own Dana Coppafeel and Skinny Deville of The Nappy Roots. The release date for the work has been set for this Fall.
Sean is currently pushing the second buzz single for Stupid/Smart, “Gotta Hustle.” Duke Daeo is featured on the track and it was produced by the infamous DJ Pain 1. It also happens to be a part of DJ Pain 1’s Pain Killerz Volume 3 release. The production here is of a grade A quality. The plush base, fresh secondary elements, breezy gait, and authentic vibe result in a sleek blend. The hook is a little different as it is comprised of scratching done by DJ Pain 1. It turned out properly. The verses are proficient. Sean Smart rocks the first verse and Duke Daeo takes on the second. Each artist rolls out a signature flow, primed wordplay, and colorful rhymes. The duo convey a message pertaining to staying on the grind and constantly striving to succeed regardless of the circumstances. A handful of compelling lines from Sean Smart are: “Life’s a motherf–king b—h. That’s why we smoking blunts for. You see I got a F to give but never flunked though. Valedictorian and I did it dumb stoned. Now I’m my own boss. B—h I’m looking so sharp.  When I hit the bar I don’t ask how much the Patron cost. (…) Grinding non-stop thought I was addicted to ecstasy. Remind these whack rappers why they shouldn’t be ahead of me. Pain killed the track but I came here to resurrect the beat.” Those bars right there pack a brazen punch. Overall, this is a flourishing record.
**My Two Cents: Sean Smart always brings something with crazy energy to the table. This song is no different. He put an unique spin on this reminder to himself to stay grounded and keep trekking. He had some viable assistance along for the ride too in Duke Daeo. And Pain 1 did his thing on the production tip as well. Not a bad way at all to step up the campaigning for the pending mixtape. -MinM

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