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Kia Rap Princess – The Road To No Limit: A Kia Rap Princess Documentary (Video)

by Miracle

1513727_10154154381140591_2799469317481854915_n(Photo By Mad Dope Visuals)

Figured that now would be a good time to check in with a royal member of the 414 music scene, Kia Rap Princess. She hasn’t had an in depth feature on the site in a while but she has definitely been putting in work. She spent some time in Atlanta earlier this Summer building her brand, performing, and networking. She opened up for Future at The Rave. She’s dropped the occasional snippet of new material. And she decided to release an EP named after her now notorious “No Limit” slogan/movement. The release date has yet to be determined. But she has linked up with 40Mil for a special documentary aptly titled The Road To No Limit that will allow her fans to get to know her better before the project drops. Peep the first part below.

The first part is labeled “Who Is Kia Rap Princess?” It entails KRP back on the scene where the main part of the official “No Limit” music video took place. Decked out in all red, she opens the segment with a few a capella bars from her blazing single “Anything” which can be found on her last work, I Am Kia Rap Princess. Following the brief performance, she goes on to give an introduction of herself. She mentions some words that she identifies with. She breaks down what it means to be ‘Mid-West Forever.’ She explains her style as well as her approach when it comes to music and much more. A highlight from the three minute piece comes towards the end when she shares how people react when they find out she is from the 414 along with her response. It’s pretty comical. The flick ends with a clip from “Number One” which is one of the many tune based collabs between 40Mil and the princess of the rap game. All in all, it’s definitely worth giving a glance. Part two is on the horizon.

**My Two Cents: I think this is a neat idea. Kia has a huge personality and she’s full of charisma. So I couldn’t think of a better way for her to sell people on her music than her telling her story in the flesh. Additionally, it allows people to see her in a different and more ordinary light. It’s always an interesting experience to see an artist outside of the booth, off stage, etc. I am looking forward to the next segment and will certainly be keeping readers up to date on the happenings with the EP. So be sure to stay tuned in. -MinM

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