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Scott Xylo F/ Fride Vinnes – “Armour”

by Miracle

artworks-000086374685-54r9v0-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Divine Atoms‘ United Kingdoms liaison Scott Xylo is back with a new instrumental for our listening pleasure entitled “Armour.” Inspired by his recent Trip-Hop binge, it definitely shines through on this new track featuring soulful singer Fride Vinnes.

This production is layered with various sounds and effects. There is a heavy bass line that holds the body of this triply joint together, sitting nicely on what sounds like a low-pass filtered boom bap drum loop. There is a stream of water flowing throughout the background and we get an ear full during a breakdown after about eight bars. The light harp like synth sound adds a beauty to what otherwise could feel like an extremely dark track. In the end, Xylo wraps it up with a razor sharp electric guitar sample and takes it home with a breakdown.

One of the coolest things about the track is the way he adds in vocals from Fride Vinnes. The ghostly ambiance in the spoken portion of this record creates an indescribable feeling of being lost in the mix. Not in the sense of losing something, but getting lost in one’s own mind. It is definitely an experience, one that I think Scott Xylo has crafted perfectly.

**Final Thoughts: Overall, Xylo’s latest effort is another example of his eclectic yet masterful abilities behind the boards. He experiments just enough to be different but not to overwhelm. With a psychedelic energy and foggy sound, he set out to take listeners on a ride through what sounds like his own personal day dream; and it was fun. -Real McCoy

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