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Savier – “Working Man”

by Pooh Bailey

Savier(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Meet Savier, a rapper/producer from the city of Wind (Chicago). Off his upcoming project Le Sauveur, Savier offers us a nice appetizer in “Working Man.” Produced by Savier himself, “Working Man” is definitely and ode to the nine to fivers.

This track is the perfect song to play when you’re finally off the clock on Friday. Production-wise, the “Working Man” vibe is on chill. It’s not a hard beat, it’s a beat that helps you ease into the weekend and forget all of your troubles from throughout the week. Lyrically, Savier is giving a very great narrative of a hard working individual who’s chasing legal money. Overall, I love this track. It’s very original. Time and time again, we come across artists that sound like other artists. However, that is not the case here. Savier has a very bright future ahead of him and I’ll be looking forward to watching him. So until then I’ll be over here patiently waiting until he is finished with the main course, Le Sauveur. -Pooh Bailey

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