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lawdSwayze – “Olympian”

by Pooh Bailey

lawdswayze olympian(Photo By Cazzie)

Representing The New Philadelphia, lawdSwayze is here to bring us something more than just that ‘turn up’ music. They’re here to bring back soul samples and dope rhymes. The Philly duo’s first offering is a smooth track titled “Olympian.”

Produced by group member Cazzie with some help of a sample from Whitney Houston’s “Memories” and Tears For Fears “Memories Fade,” “Olympian” is a great track. This track kind of puts you in the mind of MellowHype, but with a consciousness. I adore this track. Due to elements like lawdSwayze actually reminding you that Bruce Jenner has a reason to be famous. Lyrically, their flow is undeniable. They know how to feed off of one another and that’s a characteristic that Rap groups need to be successful. “Olympian” is a must have for your iPod. With creative ways to use samples and dope lyricism, lawdSwayze will be here for a while. Because they’re “Olympians,” fly as the thing that they were sent in. LAWDPHISWAYZEEP is the title of the pair’s debut album and it is scheduled for release some time this Spring. So be on the lookout. –Pooh Bailey

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