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Premiere: Damir Balo – “On Me”

by Miracle

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Damir Bolo is a multifaceted solo artist from right here in the 414. His musical style borrows a little bit from every genre including: Hip-Hop, Pop, Hardcore Alternaitve, Punk, and Trance. His unconventional blending of styles is said to be what gives him the edge over his other fellow artists. He prides himself on breaking the typical boundaries that are associated with the labeling of one as an artist/musician. Currently, he is working on a campaign that will pave the way for his new LP. He will be releasing five small mixtapes over the course of the next few months leading up to the release of the project. As part of said endeavor, he gave The Illixer the honor of premiering his latest single “On Me.”

The production here is decent. The subdued foundation, unique background ingredients, quirky rhythm, and mellow vibe pair up appropriately together. The hook is on point. The delivery is reserved and the lyrics are simple yet genuine. The verses are good. Damir Bolo utilizes a discreet flow, likable wordplay, and quality rhymes. He gives the listener a vivid glimpse into his world in a personable and reflective manner. A handful of lines worth highlighting from his introspection are: “I can hear discussions about the rappers that you love. Who super official. All they women superficial. I got super hero issues like Bruce Wayne. Hoes wanna kick it like Liu Kang. All week, I’ve been working all week. I ain’t slept all week. I’ve been sleeping on the road. I’ve been hitting all my goals. I’ve been raking all the coals.” One has to admire the ambition outlined within those bars right there. Overall, this is a very adequate selection.

**My Two Cents: I dig Damir Bolo’s style and sound. He’s got a very clean nature to him and I enjoy the fact that he experiments with various genres and such. Makes things much more interesting to listen to. This single is valid. I appreciate the theme and the production is cool. The content is sufficient as well. I think Damir could add just a little more flair to his rhymes to give them more of an impact though. Otherwise, I feel readers will get a kick out of the record and should give it a spin when they have a chance. Much love to Damir and his team for allowing the site to introduce the track to the world. -MinM

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