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Ryan Serene – “Mama Told Me”

by Miracle

MTM FNL(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Ryan Serene is chugging right along for this last quarter of the music game. His newest release is coined “Mama Told Me.” It is presented as an uniquely packaged tribute to his mother and his roots that solidifies him as a permanent fixture in the Hip-Hop world with a little vigor thrown in for good measure. See if The Illixer happens to agree with said sentiment after the break.

The production here is outside of the box. The low-pitched base, unconventional background elements, leaden tempo, and heavy vibe make for an original style mixture. The hook is short, simple, and sweet. The delivery is fierce and the lyrics are penetrating. The verses are legitimate. Ryan Serene employs a stern flow, effective wordplay, and domineering rhymes. The listener can definitely tell that he’s out to prove a point about his musical abilities and that he has no tolerance for those who oppose his artistry. A handful of lines to be aware of are: “Father please forgive me. I’ve changed since my last confession. Prayers ain’t been working lately. Dark s–t is all I’m left with. Motherf–kas think they’re legends. Second coming resurrected. Til’ I come through and bury ’em all. Their face cemented. (…) I’m on point, hollow tips. Bout to prove y’all counterfeit. Prolific with all this Rap s–t. Man I’m on the move like an activist.” One has to appreciate the raw in your face nature of those bars right there. As a whole, this is a sharp hard to ignore number from Mr. Serene.

**My Two Cents: I love the two varying parts to this record. The tribute portion is nice because who doesn’t love a good tribute? Especially one that involves family and paying homage to one’s origins. The putting naysayers on blast portion is dope because Ryan Serene approaches it with such intensity and commitment. The listener can tell that he genuinely has faith in himself and his talents and that is a major key to any type of success. The quirky yet fresh instrumental is just the icing on the cake so to speak. I think readers should give this one a go or two in their spare time for sure. -MinM

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