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Royce Lovett – My Hopeless Romance (Album Review)

by Miracle

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My Hopeless Romance (preview/purchase)

Royce Lovett is a multifaceted artist from Tallahassee, Florida. Like most artists, he was surrounded by music at an early age. He discovered his passion for the art form during his teens years via inspiration from artists like Lauryn Hill and learning to play the guitar. He took his new found talents and forged full speed ahead with a career in music. It proved to be a fruitful venture. To date he has several years under his belt, four albums, and international acclaim due to his time spent in France. His style is not rooted in any one of the traditional music genres. As a result, he has dubbed it “Cerebral Soul.” “Cerebral Soul” is defined as a mixture of: Alternative Hip-Hop, Soul, Reggae Vibes, and R&B. The content of Royce’s music is reflective of his Christian beliefs and is based on real life situations. His end game with his music is to make an impact on people’s minds and provide a source of inspiration. His latest effort in doing just that is an album titled, My Hopeless Romance. Click the jump to find out what exactly the Florida representer is bringing to the table.

“Cole Hearted Marauders”

The production here is enjoyable. It is instrument heavy with a groovy mid-tempo pace and a spirited vibe. The hook is quality. The vocals are soulful and the lyrics have substance to them. The verses are fine. Royce provides smooth harmonies and unconventional lyrics. He puts forth some abstract ideas as it pertains to music, emotions, and people. Memorable lines include: “Everybody, everybody dancing to the rhythm. Everybody, everybody is listening. We’ve been moving to a rhythm of our own. We’ve been moving oh so long. Fact is, we are not who you think we are. (…) I thought music was for the living. And a heart was for love giving.” Those are some intricate sentiments being discussed right there. Overall, this song is appealing and an engaging way to start the album.

“Hero Song”

The production here is great. It is made up of a weighted foundation, expressive musical elements, an upbeat rhythm, and a vigorous vibe. The hook is strong. The vocals are passionate. The lyrics are meaningful. The verses are solid. Royce once again exhibits excellent melodies. However, he throws in some rhyming as well. It is a nice added touch. He brings a distinct flow, adequate wordplay, and fair rhymes. He does a compelling job of conveying the influence of his Christian roots on this record. A few noteworthy lines are: “Calling out to you. Oh help me find my way. The only thing that frightens me is going astray. And they say rock your body. But don’t hurt nobody. And boy don’t lose it but I think it’s gone. My heart, my mind, my soul; I’m losing control. And so I look to you, oh Lord.” Very heartfelt words being shared by Royce in those lines. All in all, this is a valid offering and a favorite off of the LP.

“American Star”

The production here is fair. It entails light components, a slow dramatic tempo, and a serious vibe. The hook is modest. The vocals are decent and the lyrics are intriguing. The verses are sufficient. Royce once again incorporates both singing and spitting. He serves up perplexed harmonies, a casual flow, and thought-provoking content. He spins a metaphoric tale laced with striking imagery. A couple of sample lines include: “Look what we made. Look who you are. Ain’t it the truth. (…) Baby we’re through. You’re so far from the light. I don’t know what to do. Heaven please take my hand. I hate what my dreams have led me to.” Definitely gives the listener something to ponder over. In the end, this is a one of a kind track that is worth listening to at least once.

**My Two Cents: My Hopeless Romance is for sure in a lane all it’s own. But this is a positive thing. The production is very well put together. The content is original and favorable for the most part. It is certainly geared towards the music lover with a more flexible taste. I liked it and am especially fond of Royce’s singing. The only way for readers to determine if they too will fancy the album though, is to click the provided link and give it an ear. Also to get to know Royce a bit further, readers are encouraged to check out his website. -MinM

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QueenJeht Matous January 21, 2013 - 9:55 am

Royce Lovett is an incredible new sound, with awesome lyrics and a powerful new voice. GET THIS for those who truly LOVE music, and wonder where the true musician/singer went. Get on The Royce spaceship now!


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