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Ron Slyda – “Focus”

by Miracle

IMG_20121008_133031(Photo By Slyda Music Group)

“Focus” (listen/download)

Ron Slyda is an artist making noise out of Miami, Florida. He recently shared a single with the site called, “Focus.” It will appear on his upcoming project, Blue Summer: Recollections Of A Poetic Drunk (great title). The track was produced by Jay B. The production here is clean. It is made up of: a consistent bass, lavish musical elements, a smooth flute presence, and a buoyant vibe. The hook is exquisite. The delivery is effortless and the lyrics are raw. The verses are satisfactory. Ron Slyda contributes a charismatic flow, street wordplay, and savvy urban rhymes. He presents his struggles with the street life and his music career in an identifiable manner. Some lines worth noticing are: “I’m telling you that it’s mics now n—a. It started with hammers. Crackers nailed me to the cross. Ain’t no love in the slammer. (…) Getting dogged by the blogs. And them haters at me. Plain to see nobody job to make a n—a happy. I don’t have regrets. The soldiers / older gangstas showed me one way out. Even with different intentions n-gga it’s gone play out.” Snazzy bars being spit right there. Overall, this is a high grade track and was a respectable introduction to Ron Slyda’s music.

**My Two Cents: Ron Slyda has a dope style / sound about him. I loved the realness of the lyrics. Also, the production was on point too. Definitely wouldn’t mind hearing additional tunes from him in the future. Readers can find out more about the Florida emcee by following him on Twitter. -MinM

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