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Klassik – “89 (Year Of The Artist)”

by Miracle

89 - Year of the artist(Photo By Band Camp)

“89 (Year Of The Artist)” (preview/purchase)

After such a successful and award winning run in 2012, Milwaukee emcee Klassik decided to end the year with a song that paid homage to his triumphs. The record is titled “89 (Year Of The Artist)” and it also serves as a thank you to the one of a kind emcee’s numerous supporters. The production here is hip. The toned down musical components, steadfast rhythm, and enthusiastic vibe make for a flourishing combination. The hook is artistic. The vocals are delectable. The lyrics are exhilarating. The verses are spot on. Klassik supplies his trademark flow, gifted wordplay, and high-caliber rhymes. He makes it very clear that though he is grateful for all of his feats in 2012, his work is far from over. He plans to keep pushing forward with bigger and better things so that his momentum does not die down. A few discernible lines include: “Ever since I won at that award, I’ve inked a couple contracts. Started planning out some tours. See I don’t play no games. And so I guess that’s why I’m bored with ’em. Cleaning up the competition. Watch me mop the floor up with ’em.” One has to respect Klassik’s drive and way of thinking in those bars. In the end, this was a likeable way for Klassik to celebrate 2012 and set the tone for 2013.

**My Two Cents: I am super happy for Klassik and all he has accomplished. He is a dope artist and deserves to have a winning career. This song was cool. I love the message behind it. I can’t wait to see how 2013 pans out for the unique emcee. If readers want to keep up with Klassik on their own, he is on Facebook and Twitter. So give his page a like and his account a follow. -MinM

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