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B~Free – “U & I” (Video)

by Miracle

image(Photo By JLeslieMonique)

Open Mic, Open Heart (listen/download)

Though she seems to be settling back in to Milwaukee just fine, R&B singer B~Free returned to Chicago not too long ago to knock out her latest video. Her second set of visuals are for her single, “U & I” off of her Open Mic, Open Heart album. The single was also a highlighted track in the site’s previous review of the project. It is a slow tempo record about the hard work that is required to maintain a relationship. See how B~Free gave life to the deeply expressive record below.


Once again, B~Free called on her girls Jessica Estelle Huggins and JLeslieMonique to work their magic via: directing, shooting, and editing. As mentioned in the beginning, the work takes place in Chicago. Also, B~Free has a co-star who plays her boyfriend. A gentleman by the name of Lawrence Davis. The video is shot in primarily black & white with just a hint of color here and there. The piece opens with a fight between B~Free and her significant other. From there, B~Free storms out of their apartment and goes for a walk. For the remainder of the flick, the viewer is taken on a journey through the couple’s story. So things start at how they first met and return full circle to the argument. In between the couple’s tale are some solo shots of B~Free. The standout scenes being the ones of her in the studio. She just looks completely in her element. The video ends with B~Free returning back to the apartment. Readers will have to watch to see how things ultimately pan out for the couple though. Overall, this was an incomparable undertaking. B~Free and her team did an amazing job.

**My Two Cents: So in the review for this single, I said it needed a little something to give it that extra factor. I think the video does just that. Seeing the lyrics physically represented and being able to witness B~Free’s emotion / demeanor when she performs the song really drives it home. The visuals were packaged impeccably. Couple that with B~Free and Davis giving such strong executions and one can’t go wrong with this video. Readers should set aside the five minutes and watch it for sure. It’s well worth it. On another note, be sure to check B~Free out on Facebook. -MinM

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