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Ron Slyda – “Ambitionz Of A Slyda” (Video)

by Miracle

Screen_shot_2013_10_20_at_10.54.38_PMfa0d2f(Photo By Slyda Music Group)

Slyda Music Group has been putting in some serious work as of late. They recently sent over another video and this one comes from the site’s favorite member, Ron Slyda. In the spirit of the late Tupac Shakur‘s “Ambitionz Az A Ridah,” the visuals are for a song called “Ambitionz Of A Slyda.” It will appear on Ron’s upcoming release Blue Summer: Recollections Of A Poetic Drunk, which is scheduled to hit the net any day now.

The single itself is set to a mellow groove that incorporates an euphonic flute with a resolute foundation. The production is of a top-level quality overall. The hook is pretty sharp too. The delivery is winsome and the lyrics are consonant. The one verse that is present has a nice urban flair to it. Ron Slyda utilizes a lenient flow, hood wordplay, and grimey rhymes. He conveys the message that he is all about seeing those who are real prosper. All in all, the track makes for a classic street banger.

The video is another work done by Young Wild Panda. It has an easy to follow premise, as it is basically just Ron Slyda taking the viewer on a journey through the streets of Miami at night. Also, members of the Slyda Music Group team make cameo appearances in the flick, including the newly introduced Luke Taleno. The venture is cloaked in a black & white color scheme with varying degrees of layering, angles, and other special effects to give it that extra boost. The techniques are of a professional grade and portray some of the architecture throughout the city in a very aesthetically pleasing fashion. The piece concludes with one final shot of Ron reveling in the groove of the tune before fading out to some promo clips. As a whole, this was a breezy and entertaining offering.

**My Two Cents: Ron Slyda can do no wrong in my book. He once again came with nothing but quality as it pertains to both the song and the video. The track just has a nice smoothness to it and the video was simple but attractively bundled together. I love what the Slyda Music Group camp is dishing out so far and can’t wait to get my hands on Blue Summer: Recollections Of A Poetic Drunk. If readers feel the same way, they should be sure to visit some of those links sprinkled in the midst of the post. -MinM

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