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Spotlight On: Guns Down MKE

by Miracle

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Guns Down MKE is a non-profit organization made up of a collective of individuals working together to make the city of Milwaukee a better and safer place. The faction is headed by radio show host/entertainment business guru Alexandria Ellis (The Lexi Trenee Show). The group made their debut back in September. They introduced themselves to the world with a peaceful community garden event dedicated to spreading the message of non-violence. It included guest speakers, performances by a large variety of local artists, food, and more. The affair received a huge showing of support. A healthy number of local residents were in attendance, a couple of different publications provided press, and even a few of the local news stations came out to bring awareness to the cause. It was an inspirational premier for the organization. Last month they held a candlelight visual in honor of all of the lives lost this year to senseless acts of gun violence. The number was sadly well over a hundred. The visual too was warmly embraced.

Next up for Guns Down MKE is an event dubbed, “The Big Give Back.” The venture will be a drive for the less fortunate. Donations being taken in include: non-perishable food items, gently used clothing, and old books in fair condition. It will be held at St. Vincent De Paul Society on the 9th of this month which falls on a Saturday, from noon until 4pm. Additionally there will be refreshments on hand for those who contribute, as well as a raffle, live music by youth performers Autumn and Davie, and more. All donations will go to local organizations/charities who are geared towards helping families in need including St. Vincent De Paul and Hunger Task Force. For more details and updates, the Facebook Page for the event can be found here. The flyer can be seen below. On another note, Guns Down MKE will be taking pre-orders for t-shirts during the drive. The shirts will be black with a silver logo or white with a pink logo. The cost of the shirts will be $10 but the first 150 people to place an order, only have to pay $7. All inquiries about the shirts or just Guns Down MKE in general can be directed to Ms. Ellis whose information is located on the provided flyer.

1395764_386450214822170_216742575_n**My Two Cents: I love seeing anything positive that is implemented to better the community that we live in. There is definitely a lot of work to be done and organizations like Guns Down MKE are a great place to start. I fully support the group as well as their efforts and will definitely be at “The Big Give Back” next weekend. I plan to cop a shirt too. I hope local readers and the rest of the city will also get behind this new movement. After all, change starts at home. Much love to Alexandria and her team for stepping up to the plate to help improve the conditions in the 414. -MinM

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