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Rogizz – “Respect The Shooter”

by Miracle

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Rogizz is a name that readers have seen before in association with Chicago affiliate Babyface Monster. The site recently received some solo work from the Miami based talent. He’s collaborating with a producer by the name of Tree for an EP that is rooted in a sound that has been labeled Soul Trap. The EP is called The Pimp And The Preacher (love that title). Currently, the duo are pushing the second leak off of the upcoming collective “Respect The Shooter.”
The production here is snazzy. It is devised of: a grand foundation, colorful supporting elements, a super lively tempo, and an eccentric vibe. There is no hook to be found on this record. It would have been helpful to have some sort of breather between the rhymes but it’s not a total deal breaker. The non-stop verse is of a grade A quality. Rogizz embodies a spirited flow, quick-witted wordplay, and artful entertaining rhymes. He does an impeccable job of demonstrating his lyrical finesse in a very fetching manner. A handful of attention grabbing lines include: “Okay rapping is my forte. Tupac is my hero. Only God can judge me. I’m like Jesus with an ego. Ride down for my people. Shoot you n—as like a free-throw. (…) I’m Darren, you be Sharper. Don’t put date rape in her Vodka. Yes I’m off my rocker like the ex wife of a drummer. Hope I don’t get life. Cause I live it with no comma. Only faith in karma. Hustle through the drama. Married to the game. I don’t need no maid of honor.” Those are some atypical bars right there. Overall, this is quite the engaging number.
**My Two Cents: I am very intrigued at all of the different ways that people are using Trap style music these days. I think Rogizz and Tree are on to something here. This single was diverting. Rogizz brought a lot of personality and energy to the table. The beat was perfectly matched to his essence. And the selection as a whole was something different. I got a kick out of it and I believe readers will too. So scroll up and hit that play button. -MinM

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