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Illuminati Roundtable: Has Anyone Asked Ja Rule About Ferguson, MO?

by Pooh Bailey

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Gaza under attack. Police are executing kids in the street. There could be an Ebola outbreak at any time. Where is Ja Rule? We need Ja Rule to make sense of this. Help us, Ja. The world is under attack and instead of asking ‘where are the guys we elected at;’ a lot of you guys are asking where the celebrities are at. You know where the celebrities are? They’re somewhere entertaining because that’s their job. Just like the government should be in Ferguson making sure the police are doing theirs. Now don’t get me wrong, a Jay Z or a Queen Latifah sound-bite would be great right about now. But ask yourself, do you really care about what Nicki Minaj thinks about Gaza? Or how Drake feels about police brutality? Would Kanye’s kind words help ease the threat of Ebola? Yeah, I thought so.

Stop running to these celebrities looking for answers every time there’s a national crisis. I’m pretty sure A$AP Rocky‘s name wasn’t on the ballot for alderman. Iggy Azalea isn’t running for Senator in your home state. I know that you guys feel that these celebrities ‘owe the public’ some type of sincerity. But they don’t. Honestly, a lot of them don’t feel the same way you do. I mean you want them to champion your cause without asking if they actually care. Pharrell said “The New Black doesn’t blame other races for our issues. The New Black dreams and realizes that it’s not pigmentation; it’s a mentality and it’s either going to work for you or it’s going to work against you. And you’ve got to pick the side you’re going to be on.” And you want that guy to speak up on the murder of Mike Brown? Good luck with that.

Yes, I know someone is going to mention that in the late 80’s and early 90’s many Hip-Hop stars came together to fight a cause. They were more outspoken. They rallied. They were for the common man. Great for them. Now my question to you is, have things changed since then? Of course not. And that’s because we are not putting the blame on who is responsible. It’s not [insert celeb name that you wish would speak up] responsibility. It’s the Mayor. It’s Congress. It’s the President. So yes it would be cool if these celebs would speak up, but it shouldn’t be your main focus. Focus on the issue and stop falling for the distractions. Now excuse me, I need to know has anyone spoken to Ja Rule? I need to speak to Ja. -Pooh Bailey

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